Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men from Mars (2008) Review

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Back in 1995-1997-ish, George Lucas and Jeb Forbes created the script for the movie that will become the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones series. It was called Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men for Mars, and it was to be made as soon as Harrison and Spielberg finished Shindler's List. But as soon as Ford and Spielberg saw the script, they said "no way!".

So they spent years of rewrites that ended up as being Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a story which all three agreed to do. I saw the movie and thought it was great fun, but after I read the Saucer Men script, I realised that Crystal Skull is not as good as Saucer Men! Saucer Men has better dialogue, incredible action scenes (and better versions of the ones in Crystal Skull), and it confronted the alien issue HEAD ON instead of the "maybe sorta kinda could be" of the final version.

Here's the action scenes for Saucer Men in order:

1. Fight aboard a boat in borneo
2. The waterfall scene
3. City chase (in Indy's Wedding Car)
4. Indy in horseback followed by army cars
5. Chase in Area 51/ Rocket Sled
6. The Nuke the Fridge scene
7. Fight in Russian plane
8. Russian plane vs. US fighters
9. Russian plane and US fighters vs. UFO
10. UFO chasing Indy
11. Scary scene with aliens
12. Desert Chase
13. Climax atop mountain

Here's the action scenes for Crystall Skull in order:

1. Chase in Area 51/ Rocket Sled
2. The Nuke the Fridge scene
3. City chase (in Mutt's motorcycle)
4. Gravedigging battle
5. Jungle Chase (Desert Chase but in Jungle)
6. Scary scene with ants
7. The waterfall scene
8. Indian chase
9. Climax inside temple

That's all.

There's less action in Crystall Skull! But that would be ok if it had a great story. But Saucer Men has a better story!!!!

Because they treat the aliens as a definite threat, it doesn't feel as weird, and they feel like a real threat, unlike in Crystal Skulls, where the Russians have to do all the threat, and the aliens are in the background, which means the audience won't get used to it and get mad.

Don't believe me? Read the Saucer Men script for yourself! Google it!
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