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Very much inspired by Super Smash Bros., Indie Game Battle pits characters from many "indie" games against each other. Approximately half of the cast comes from Blob Games Studio's own projects, while the others come from assorted games across the ages from other developers.

The game was launched into Early Access for Steam on October 29, 2015. New characters are added to the game on a regular basis, and balance, optimization, and bugfix tweaks are made anywhere from weekly to several times a week.

Games Represented


  • A character named Thunder, allegedly from a game called Storm and Sword, was playable initially upon release. The character was removed from a later update, after Blob Games Studios' development team found that not only was the creator of Thunder secretly behaving counter-intuitively toward Indie Game Battle, but also could not produce evidence of Storm and Sword's existence.
  • The game has removed many of its planned characters and thus the final roster has been show to be a handful of first party characters and a few third parties.

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