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    Indigo Prophecy

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Sep 16, 2005

    Indigo Prophecy is a mystery-driven action/adventure game that harkens back to the point-and-click era. The game incorporates rhythm mini-games at key points as you try to figure out why you murdered a stranger in a local diner.

    subject2change's Fahrenheit (PC) review

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    Interesting concept but nothing more than some mini games...

    With the future release of Heavy Rain due out Q4 this year on the PS3 I felt I should give Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy a playthrough to get a feel for what to expect with Heavy Rain. First off I wanted to let it be known that I played the European release of this game titled "Fahrenheit" which includes some unnecessary scenes of nudity as well as a silly title as the game uses the Celcius system throughout the game...

    The game opens in the bathroom of a diner with you as Lucas Kane an IT Guy about to commit a murder under the influence of something. After committing the act you regain control of yourself and realize what "you" have done the need to get out of there and to find out what caused this and the story starts there. However you do not only play as Lucas throughout the game you also play the 2 Detectives investigating the murder which drives a little into their personal lives as well as professional.

    The game itself is more of an interactive CG movie in which you simply choose dialogue options, use your reflexes and response time to match up colors quickly and simply quickly tap left and right to keep up pace or balance. The game aspect is quite limited and more or less became a repetitive and tedious action to continue on with the story. Despite its short comings at well simply put not really being a game the story itself started off quite strong and led down to an obscure and somewhat simple and uneventful ending.

    The game only taking me a total of 5 hours to playthrough if you are interested in Heavy Rain acquiring a copy of this through Steam, Direct2Drive, XBOX Live or an inexpensive copy on the PS2 it is worth a look at. Here is to hoping that Heavy Rain takes a better approach at this sort of unique genre; with the addition of more diverse mini-games and a story that is driven based on your questions, answers and actions.

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