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#1 Edited by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

I have an opportunity to design an NPC for Indivisible. Since I don’t already have a fully-formed character in mind, I’d like to take recommendations from the community. It might be fun to share the creative process and maybe develop something that can serve as a cameo or tribute from Giant Bomb. Hopefully, it will also coax a few more people to learn more about Indivisible, check out the prototype, and consider supporting it.

Here’s what we’ll have to work with. The NPC needs to fit in the world of Indivisible. It can be a human or animal, possibly a ghost if it makes sense for the location. We’ll be able to interact with the NPC, so it can have some dialogue. Therefore, in addition to visual design, also consider personality and backstory.

I have some ideas on how we can start designing, but I’ll save it for later. I’m open to suggestions, so let me know what you think.

Indivisible has been funded, but you are still able to back the game and help to reach stretch goals. So please check out the campaign. Think about making a contribution or spreading the word if you like what you see.

Campaign Page

Prototypes: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4

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#2 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

If you're thinking cameos from Giant Bomb, should it be "characters" from the site? Dr. Tracksuit is out for obvious reasons, but Alex THE WOLF Navarro? I guess a man with a wolf pelt on his back would be a Beowulf reference too. Luchadeer? A sinister-looking man with slicked-back hair named Bradley?

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#3 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

I'd be alright if we decided on a full-on character cameo, provided we had express written consent. Notarized, of course.

I was thinking of something with more subtle references in dialogue. Jade Dynasty Don't Care. I'm a devi and that looks messed up. Stuff like that. But if we end up with a small business man that sells black market explosives, that's cool.

Ideally, I'd like an NPC that works without knowledge of Giant Bomb, but is a nice bonus for those that know.

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#4 Posted by Ravidrath (67 posts) -

If you guys got the money together for a GB-related NPC, I'd probably be willing to expand it to a few people.

Brad's a good friend, and Jeff was my editor back when I was freelancing for Gamespot, after all.

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#5 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

@ravidrath: That's mighty kind of you. I already contributed to the Patron Saint tier, but if folks want to chip in for more NPCs, that'd be great. Maybe one group for GB West and another for GB East, located in different towns.

Again, if we decide to go with specific characters to base the NPCs on, I'll be sure to check that the GB crews are cool with it.

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#6 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

I'm way more onboard with your idea than my own, it's more fun to have some subtle reference in an actual funny joke that other people can appreciate as well. Does make it harder to think of a design, though.

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I feel like some sort of strong-guy-wearing-a-deer-mask-wearing-a-lucha-mask would probably be instantly recognizable without also being obviously out-of-universe. Maybe he could have something to do with issuing the player a large explosive?

Or big-sombrero/tiny-sombrero Ryan just so I can feel extra fucking sad.

A peddler on the floor, slumped against the wall, surrounded by cages, baskets, and pots overflowing with guinea pigs, with guinea pigs popping in and out of his cloak/perched on his wide straw hat/shoulders, as he sits perpetually nodding off. Sells energy drinks, cans of rotting fish, cookies dipped in melted cheese, and large explosives.

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Non GB:

Dr. Steve -- A rugged, depressed doctor who drinks because everyone thinks his name is stupid.


Rorie Dogington -- This npc is too busy looking at puppies to talk to you.

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I was actually already thinking about doing a Ryan Davis NPC because of this thread.

I didn't know him that well, but I had known him since my Gamespot days. And I saw him at every E3 up until he passed.

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#10 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

I wanted to give my take of what it would be like to put the Giant Bomb crew into Indivisible. This probably goes over some kind of the line from cameo to shameless crossover promotion, but I thought I’d throw it out there for fun. I grouped them into different regions, but they are associated which each other by a hidden narrative.


Big Jeffrey: Founder and CEO of Heavy Industries, a munitions manufacturer in the Iron Kingdom. Allegedly has ties to an infamous Soma “prescriber”.

Brecken Bradley: The devoted, but lethargic foreman of Heavy Industries. Keeps pet piggies in his pockets as he surveys the factory floor.

The Red Scanlon: Military man and thrill-seeker. Rumored to be a pilot for new experimental vehicle being developed at Heavy Industries.


Vebaum Caravella: An engineer that helped to build Heavy Industries, now returned to his hometown in the East. Started a new small business, BeastCo.

Navarro the Masked Wolf: A mysterious wandering wolf who found his way to BeastCo. Works security and enjoys music.

Professa Killah: Scholar and consultant to BeastCo. Continuously frustrated that he has to explain that he’s not a killer of professors. It’s a thing. He doesn’t have time to get into it.


Dirty Dan: Self-proclaimed entrepreneur and man-about-town. His schemes constantly cause exasperation and confusion, but somehow always work out in his favor.

AJ and Alisa Stryker: Owners of the A-Strykers Blacksmith. Secretly contracted to develop new tool and die for a Heavy Industries project. Dan claims it was his idea.

Scoops Kleptok: Intrepid newsman. Constantly hounded by Dan to cover and promote his next venture. Suffers deeply for it.


I couldn’t think of anything cohesive, but characters for Matt Rorie (Rorie Doginton: Puppy-Chomper Extraordinaire), Danny O’Dwyer (D.O.D.: Speedy Life Adviser), and Jeff Bakalar (Insert Pun Here) could reside in this location.

Sumeru (The Heavens)

Ryan: For sharing so much joy and laughter in his former life, he was reincarnated as a Devi. Delights everyone with charmingly garrulous conversations.

Obviously, this is way too much for one backer. But if people are into it, we can select one of the groups to become NPCs and move the rest of the detail into the backstory. I'm a bit partial to the GBE characters, being a New York resident.

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#11 Posted by Slag (7351 posts) -

@gyratyne: personally if you are going to do something GB related, I think maybe something Luchadeer or Cool Baby related might be best. Because as you noted this is simply too much for one backer to fund (and quite possibly too many characters for the game itself).

What about a Cerberus version of Luchadeer? maybe with heads kinda inspired by some of the GB guys? The three I'd probably pick would be the remaining 3 of the original crew (Jeff, Vinny and Brad) for simplicity sake.

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#12 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

@slag: You're absolutely right. It was mostly a creative exercise. It'd only be remotely possible if other people wanted to pitch in and back more NPCs, which is a completely unrealistic hypothetical, but a guy can dream, right?

I'm not sure a Cerberus NPC would be appropriate unless it was located in the underworld. Don't know if the guys would be into that.

At any rate, I welcome further ideas. I think it would be interesting to consider the area the NPC would be located in and form a story and personality around that. Then visual design and dialogue can be developed from there.

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#13 Posted by Slag (7351 posts) -

@gyratyne: oh sure, Brainstorming stuff is always fun. You never know who might reading this. Nothing hurts for trying

I just meant cerberus in the sense of a three headed creature. Doesn't have to be a hellfire dog or any of that. I just thought the concept might be a vehicle to allow you get more of your idea of having the GB personalities into a single character.

Indivisible is a game with South East Asian influences and aesthetics right? Maybe there is a mythological creature in one of those cultures that is thematically similar (i.e. having multiple heads) that you could tie in that way that would fit more neatly with the world of Indivisible.

Anyway it's just a thought. I hope you come up with something cool! There's so many possibilities I hope you have fun with it!

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Well, this thread should hardly die now that Indivisible is funded. I drew some of the ideas to get them down on paper! I'm tired and can't be bothered to check where each idea is from, but it's Ryan with two sombreros(looks like Vasco), Big Jeffrey(Heavy Industries), shaman drummer Alex "the Wolf" Navarro(looks like Razmi), Alex "The Wolf" Navarro(actual wolf, I googled "asian wolf"), Japanese dude Vinny(Just wanted to draw bomb-like prayer beads, Vinny is based on his persona 4 portrait), Austin with the colors of that one Gundam working on a figurine(His costume is hooorrible, but I couldn't be assed to google old inventors/scholars for reference), actual steampunk/locomotive mecha suit Austin, jade dynasty don't care("For a really fat dude, or for a girl to wear over her bikini"). None of these are subtle, but making actually decent OCs that can deliver funny lines without being cringey takes effort. I'll give it a shot another day.

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#15 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

@redhotchilimist: Wow, these are really nice. I was hoping the more artistically inclined would come up with some sketches. Kinda legitimizes it in my mind. Thank you.

I especially like the take on Vinny with the topknot and beads. If only he could somehow wear a black t-shirt and jeans, yet still retain a sense of belonging in the Jade Dynasty.

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#16 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1727 posts) -
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#17 Posted by audioBusting (2523 posts) -

There is a kind of small deer we call kancil that is the protagonist of a few fables in Javanese (and Malay) folklore. It's known for how cunning it is at tricking animals stronger than it is. There might be a way to work Luchadeer into that concept.

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#18 Posted by grandCurator (126 posts) -
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#19 Posted by BallsLeon (380 posts) -

Michael Transactions! A business man that becomes more effective/faster as he has greater wealth. Can have different wealth thresholds with different buff levels. With the ultimate whale level of wealth. Also, he is in to nanotechnology.

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#20 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

@gyratyne: @captain_felafel: @grandcurator: Thanks!

Those were fun to draw, so I did a handful more, based on the suggestions in this thread and my own ideas. I think kancil!Luchadeer looks super cute. Its face was based on the Persona 4 portrait someone made.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

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#21 Posted by TheHT (14363 posts) -
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#22 Posted by ArtisanBreads (8214 posts) -

@redhotchilimist: Wow those second ones are all really fantastic man. I like the Red Scanlon most but seriously they're all good and have a lot of personality. Nice work.

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#23 Posted by Relkin (580 posts) -

I think putting in one of the guys might be a bit much. Luchadeer is a good idea, though. I would have suggested maybe making Luchadeer a human with a deer head, but there is a precedent for animal characters on the IndieGoGo page, in the form of Lanshi, which looks like some fantasy version of the St. Bernard with the barrel of booze on his collar.

All the drawings are fucking rad, though.

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#24 Posted by Welding (208 posts) -

I think the Brad foreman will inspire the funniest dialogue to non-GB users.
He just looks like a genuinely charming character. Great work!

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#25 Posted by GearSol (79 posts) -

I think Brad w/peegs is the best out of them all.

As an aside, is it still possible to back after the campaign is already done?

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#26 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

Thanks, guys! It's nice to be appreciated. Keep suggestions coming, I can draw alright, but coming up with characters is much more difficult for me. I'm thinking I'll do another try at a Vinny or Austin and a human with a deer head, at least. I've also got one other Brad idea I want to try.

@relkin: Well, drawing the guys is mostly for the fun of it. Although, I wouldn't mind if they're what Gyratyne chooses. Skullgirls has a ton of referential stuff, from 80% of the combat lines to background characters, as well as backer background characters based on peoples' likeness. It probably won't be out of place in Indivisible, or rather, it will be just as out of place as in Skullgirls. But in terms of being characters that we don't need to ask the crew permission for, and that are subtle? I don't think they are particularly great, except this version of Luchadeer and maybe foreman Brad. Being sleepy is universally recognizable.

I have some conflicted feelings about this. Playing Skullgirls, I thought the referential humor was way overdone. All over the place, in everything from alternate character colors to super moves. But being on the other side of that equation, actually trying to design a character that references something, that is super fun. I have a great time making these drawings. On the other hand, making something from scratch is much harder.

@gearsol said:

I think Brad w/peegs is the best out of them all.

As an aside, is it still possible to back after the campaign is already done?

The total has climbed tens of thousands since the campaign ended. I haven't tried it myself, so it's better if Ravidrath clears it up when he gets back in here sometime. But if you want to contribute, it's not too late. I believe it's paypal donations, and they will fix you a perk manually, but don't quote me on that.

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#27 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

@redhotchilimist: Marvelous work. It's astonishing how close your interpretations came to my ideas. I was thinking about Iceburg from One Piece when coming up with Brecken Bradley and somehow your version is quite similar. I love the touch with his piggy trying to wake him up. Great stuff.

@gearsol: Yes, you can still back the campaign and get perks. Apparently Indiegogo has an InDemand feature for continuing support of successful projects. They are pretty close to the 2nd stretch goal, too.

I openly admit that I made this topic with the intention of promoting Indivisible. I'm very pleased that it got any notice at all. I'd like to restate that before we consider submitting any Giant Bomb inspired character as the NPC, I will get permission from the necessary people first. But even if we can't use any of these characters, I must say it's a joy to see these ideas illustrated.

I imagine it might be quite a while until Lab Zero starts getting backer input for NPCs. I'll see if I can get more details, but I think we'll have a lot of time to explore more designs. I'll let you all know when I get any updates.

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#28 Edited by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

@gyratyne: Hahah, probably ended up looking close to your ideas because we have similar experiences. Considering Red Scanlon looks like Paulie and Wadan can sorta look like Lulu if you squint, let's say that last batch was the Galley-La Workers Giant Bomb Indivisble Special.

Finished the other Brad-inspired character I was thinking of yesterday. Based on the Demon's Souls Breaking Brad, specifically. Demon's Souls is almost monochrome, so I didn't think too hard about those colors. I watched a little of the Best Of the Persona 4 Endurance Run videos while I was at it and made a quick thing based on Ghoul too. The design is a little uninspired, but I like him a lot as a character.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

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#29 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2509 posts) -

@redhotchilimist: Holy shit dude! Those are great. I really like the facts for both Floogan and Ghoul.

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#30 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

Ghoul's a nice deep cut.

I don't think there'd be any NPCs in Ajna's inner realm that didn't have some story significance, so I doubt that they'll put guest characters in there. But it'd be neat if Ghoul was some poor sap that got lost during the reincarnation cycle and wandered the endless void until he found his way into Ajna's mind during one of her less than stellar mediation attempts. He'll creep around the inner realm until you speak to him and shoo him away. But he always slinks his way back...

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#31 Edited by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

You know who else is a nice deep cut?

No Caption Provided

Besides this awful idea, I tried doing the human Luchadeer idea @relkin had. It's based on Armor King and has the cape Dan ripped off from some wrestler for his Pathfinder character, which was probably not what he had in mind. Finally, I tried out a number of other designs for ghoul. I actually googled "ghoul" and got way too deep into the history of those things. Those designs are all based on different descriptions(one is based on a painting). The actually most common one was that they are shapeshifting demons that disguise themselves as hot women. While I appreciate the opportunity, I think having an attractive woman represent Giant Bomb would be a colossal lie.

I forgot to write it on the images, but in keeping with the J. J. Abrams "I can only create characters that are similar to ones that already exist in this universe" thing that I've been doing so far, Ghoul is similar to Narssus, human Luchadeer is similar to the guest character from Gacamelee and Sammy the Scimitar looks like Qadira's scimitar but with GB colors.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Gotta say, I love your description of Ghoul just showing up uninvited in Ajna's Inner Realm, Gyratyne.

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#32 Posted by Relkin (580 posts) -
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#33 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

This thread is cool as hell.

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#34 Posted by TwoLines (3512 posts) -

Yo, these are all fantastic.

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#35 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

Redhotchilimist has done fantastic work with visual interpretations and designs. I wish I had the confidence to produce art, but it’s been such a long time since I drew anything. What I can offer is another approach to developing a character.

I think it would be interesting to start with where the NPC would be from. I recommend listening to the Lore Stream to get more details about the setting. There are four major regions in the world corresponding the cardinal directions. The south is where Ajna comes from. It is oppressed by a powerful warlord with control over supernatural beings. It is also being invaded by the other regions because it contains special resources. To the west is the Iron Kingdom, an industrialized imperial nation with advanced war machines and heavy pollution. The north is an equivalent to the Americas, home to some interdimensional refugees. In the east is the Jade Dynasty, inspired by China: isolationist, great walls, and all that. There are also heavens and hells, but those areas may be off limits for Patron NPCs.

As an example, let’s try the war-torn south. The idea of a soma addict was something I was interested in. Consider a soldier that was involuntarily conscripted into the Iron Kingdom’s invading forces. She served as combat engineer operating in one of the siege battalions. To cope with the stress of battle, she resorted to soma and she would smuggle supplies to trade with the underground peddlers. Ultimately, her addiction advances to the point that she deserts her battalion, hijacks a transport vehicle filled with equipment and munitions, and becomes a black market arms dealers to support her habit. So Anja might encounter her in a shady part of a town. From here we can establish aesthetics: deciding on choices like blood-shot eyes, sickly skin, and disheveled uniform. Her personality could be very desperate and eager to make a deal. It may focus dialog around giving a hard sell for her stolen goods. And we can work in some references. “I’m selling these premium giant bombs.” “My doctor’s been giving me prescriptions… for pain.” A makeshift sign with a bootleg logo. Something like that.

This approach makes some presumptions about the setting and story of Indivisible based on preliminary ideas that are subject to change. When it comes time, Lab Zero should be able to work with us to revise details as necessary to get the character to fit into the game. I think it’s going to be months, maybe over a year until they start asking for backer NPCs. So, we have a chance to come up with multiple concepts and work on refining them. We could have a few options available by the time they are ready. Then we can select what is most feasible.

Of course, I welcome any other suggestions or contributions. I appreciate anybody who would take some time to help out.

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#36 Edited by Dan_CiTi (4599 posts) -

@redhotchilimist said:

@gyratyne: @captain_felafel: @grandcurator: Thanks!

Those were fun to draw, so I did a handful more, based on the suggestions in this thread and my own ideas. I think kancil!Luchadeer looks super cute. Its face was based on the Persona 4 portrait someone made.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

Sleepy Brad with peegs deserves his own game bruh.

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#37 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

Updates from Lab Zero on Indivisible have been somewhat infrequent, but the latest announcement brings some news that is related to guest NPCs. So, I wanted to bump this old thread on the offhand chance that someone might be interested in getting their own NPC into the game.

Their campaign is still accepting contributions at the Patron Saint Tier. At this level, you get to work with Lab Zero to design and include your NPC in Indivisible. However, this will soon be discontinued on July 11th. So if you happen to really, really like Indivisible/Lab Zero and forgot that you wanted to support them with an extremely generous sum of money to get your character in their game, your final opportunity is coming up in a couple of weeks.

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#38 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

If you’ve been checking updates from Indivisible, you may be aware that they been getting concepts from the boss and monster backers. They won’t be working on backer NPCs quite yet, but they have sent out Non-Disclosure Agreements.

I hadn’t really considered that I’d need to sign an NDA and thought that we’d be able to work through the design of my NPC together with Lab Zero on Giant Bomb. But we’re dealing with unreleased developmental materials, so that’s not really possible. They’ve had previous issues with a person breaking NDA, so I’m taking this seriously.

Therefore, I’d like to get as much input as I can from the Giant Bomb community before I sign the NDA. Hopefully, we can get some other ideas and narrow down on a few designs. Not everything is going to fit the NPC guidelines, but I’ll try to retain as much as possible.

I’m quite fond of Redhotchilimist’s designs for Vebaum Caravella, Brecken Bradley, and Ghoul. Please let me know if you have any ideas for tweaking or refining these character designs, personalities, backstories, or dialogue. When I get enough feedback (or Lab Zero really starts holding my feet to the fire), I’ll sign the NDA. After that, I can’t share anymore details. But if all goes well, I hope you’ll be able to recognize my tribute to Giant Bomb in Indivisible.

PS. If I end up going with an NPC that resembles one of the GB crew, what’s the best approach to asking for their permission to use their likeness? I don’t use any social media, so I thought I’d just send them a private message. Would that actually work or do they get so many messages that I should try another way to get in contact?

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#39 Posted by RonGalaxy (4707 posts) -

Furry luchadeer is the only option

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#40 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

Luchadeer is a possibility, but I don't have a good sense of what that character would be. Can we come up with something besides boisterous wrestler-type? The most exposure I get to wrestling these days is the Powerbombcast. Working with a gimmick like that is a little beyond me.

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#41 Edited by DinosaurCanada (557 posts) -

Ghoul seems adorable and not too on the nose of a reference

Luchadeer doesn't have to be boisterous, he can be a small, humble underdog, like a little roe who is stronger than he looks!

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#42 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2509 posts) -

Luchadeer should be a real dear that gets his powers of wrestling from the lucha mask and not just a dude like King from Tekken.

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#43 Edited by Relkin (580 posts) -

When I saw that drawing of Luchadeer, I got the impression he was more the strong and silent type; quietly dispensing justice throughout the land one finisher after another. The juxtaposition of a somber, self serious hero wearing that getup and performing bonkers wrestling moves could be pretty funny.

EDIT: Also, if all his lines were in Spanish, with poor English subtitles that pop up on screen when he speaks.

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#44 Edited by TheHT (14363 posts) -

@gyratyne: A majestic masked deer who becomes boisterous and uses wrestling moves when in combat, but outside of combat is dignified and stoic. Carries in a cloth sash a mysterious baby wearing an unusual pair of eye coverings (not functionally an additional character). Hailing from the North, maybe on some sort of mysterious quest? Maybe Luchadeer's condemned to Hell for some reason?

Hell, maybe not actually a deer, but with a head encased (trapped?) in an ornate deer helmet? I dunno how a humanoid deer would fly with the lore, but the idea of Luchadeer being some sort of Skull Knight Lone Wolf and Cub that's damned to Hell seems neat.

Vebaum Caravella: Would be cool if he has a history of monster slaying, and a penchant for improvised weaponry (including limbs borrowed from ancient priceless statues), which also makes up a large part of his inventory. Every random item on sale has a story from his old days on the hunt.

Brecken Bradley: Occasionally, his supposed lethargy serves as a perfected ruse designed to lull troublemakers into a false sense of security, allowing him to attain the element of surprise before striking with a stern write-up from his clipboard. Throwing the write-ups automatically targets their head of course, and is an instant kill reprimand.

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#45 Posted by audioBusting (2523 posts) -

@theht: I love the idea of Luchadeer carrying Cool Baby because it's similar to a game we all know and love, Yoshi's Island.

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#46 Edited by Slag (7351 posts) -

@gyratyne said:

PS. If I end up going with an NPC that resembles one of the GB crew, what’s the best approach to asking for their permission to use their likeness? I don’t use any social media, so I thought I’d just send them a private message. Would that actually work or do they get so many messages that I should try another way to get in contact?

try Jeff's tumblr.

He seems more responsive there then anywhere else and he's probably a person that needs to be consulted even if it isn't his likeness involved.

If you are going the PM route on site, PM @rorie. I'm sure he will push it along to the right people.

All the best man, I hope you have fun with this however it shakes out. It's been very cool to watch your journey.

P.S. they are all super busy with PAX and the upcoming membership sale so you may not get a fast answer.

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#47 Posted by Gyratyne (60 posts) -

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. Some stimulating ideas. However, keep in mind that this NPC is probably more in the vein of a townsperson that Ajna would have some lines of dialogue with, and almost certainly not one that would be involved in combat. We can consider fighting style and weapons if it informs what they might look like or say, but I don't think the NPCs will moving. Although it would be nice if they had a standing animation or a few gestures, there are over a hundred backer NPCs to make. So I'm expecting static poses, like in the ones in the Skullgirls stages.

I really like Ghoul, but I'm not sure if the Inner Realm is off-limits to guest NPCs. It’s a nice option if possible. I can think of a few tremblingly pathetic conversions he could have trying to befriend Ajna.

An issue with the silent, stoic type of character is that it could limit the dialogue possibilities and I'd like get a few more nods to GB with them. So, I'm leaning towards an expressive character that could have a lot to say. So as visual striking as it would be to have Luchadeer crossing a snow covered bridge while carrying Cool Baby, that's the type of NPC I would expect to speak exclusively in ellipses.

I imagine Vebaum as a playful, jovial talker with a penchant for puns. He could be a shopkeeper that trades in artifacts that he's acquired over the years (Now is the best time to be antiquing). Very excited to speak about his wares and share a story.

Brecken is an earnest and professional. Despite his narcoleptic tendencies, he takes great pride in his work. People do not seem to acknowledge his piggies, despite them clearly waking him up periodically. Rumor has it that he has a compulsive obsession and has been seen frequenting the local haberdashery.

I’ll try sending Rorie a message after PAX. I appreciate the advice.

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#48 Posted by Redhotchilimist (1694 posts) -

I didn't notice this thread was active again until today, but I'll be happy to do some more drawings of Vebaum, Ghoul and Brecken just to have some more options on them if you want, @gyratyne. I'm not good at coming up with dialogue, so I'll just help where I can. Similarly, if there's something else you want drawn just to get an idea down on paper, send me a PM or something(post here?) before the NDA and I'll definitely make time for it.

It's a wise decision to respect the NDA, I remember that incident with the guy who came up with the idea of a sniper NPC for Parasoul's super and screwed the whole thing up when he broke the NDA. At the end of the day, choose whatever makes the most sense within the limits. I can easily imagine Brecken Bradley not working as well because they won't have a whole long animation for waking him up(or the piggies counting as additional characters), or Ghoul not working out because of the location. Maybe Vebaum can't be used because of the likeness. That would leave you with a character that can't/won't speak many lines, which might not be ideal.

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@redhotchilimist: It's very generous of you to offer more of your time and talent. Much appreciated. I'll work on some notes to send to you.

I would like to have a few options in case the NPC guidelines end up restricting some of them. I don't expect animations for Brecken slowly nod off and jolting back awake, but it would rely on having a few states to change between. Being limited to only one pose or portrait would be better suited for other candidates.

Coming up with a completely original design would probably be smart, in case there are issues with likenesses. I'm not much of an artist, but I could attempt making some rough sketches, to be elaborated on.

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Lab Zero is asking their Patron Saints to sign the NDA by the end of the week so they can proceed with the next step to NPC submission. I certainly would've liked more time to collaborate with everyone, but I want to cooperate with them as much as I can. Luckily, Redhotchilimist did a rapid turnaround with sketches based on my notes. I can't thank him enough for his help.

Currently, Vebaum is my favorite. If all goes well, you might find him in the game. (I'm thinking about using Karravelli for the surname, if it ever comes up.)

To avoid accidentally letting something slip, I will no longer be commenting here. So, I thank everyone for their interest, suggestions, advice and kindness. It's been a blast.

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