Loving it but..

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Does anyone else feel that the whole "Good/evil" should have been done a bit differently? If you choose side from the get go when you got a infamous 1 save, you're going to stick with that side, right?. Suckerpunch shoulda just excluded the other side once you have choosen, they just set it up for super weird situtations in the game. Cole can go around and throw cars with people in em and unleash a tornado on like 20 innocent bystanders, then in a main mission save a random girl stuck to a tree, and escort her home safley like a gentleman.  Evil cole will kill and drain a bystander without hesitation if his energy is low, but he will also point out that the people of new marais "Needs to cut a break". 
 I strongly feel that the "choices" just ruins the story and feels totally crammed in. And on top of that evil doesn't feel evil at all, more like you're a retarded hero just making the obviously stupid choices. I would take a stronger good/evil story over the choice to tap L2 or R2 like three times any day.

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I honestly didn't mind!

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the karma system is far too black and white, but I didn't really mind. I don't think many games if any have found the delicate balance of having any sort of ambiguity in their moral systems...  
As for the infamous 1 save thing, I didn't find that an issue... After all, I was good in my Infamous 1 save and I intended to be good in my Infamous 2 one. Doing an evil playthrough now though ;)  
Edit: Oh, and as for the whole "evil = retarded hero decisions" thing, I disagree completely Some of those choices do actually make sense. For example, the very first choice of fight the milita or blow up the town to take them all out at once along with some innocents. It is pretty evil to kill the whole village just to save yourself the problem.

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The smaller choice are "ok" it's more the larger one that doesn't make much sense to me, Nix ideas are for the most part.. crazy talk.

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I haven't beaten it yet but am having the same problem I had with the first one. The gameplay is awesome, the story not so much.

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