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inFAMOUS 2 is a Beast. 2

There's an easy distinction between an open world game, and a sandbox. Open world games primarily use their open world mostly as a setting alone to portray realistic interactions, show off impressive environments and to mostly push the story forward, like Mafia 2, L.A Noire and for a less recent example, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Sandboxes, on the other hand, are mostly striving to give you a giant playground full of opportunities for mayhem, carnage, destruction and many more terms relating to ma...

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Zeke still sucks, but that's about all that does. 3

Infamous 2 is a hard game to place, they’ve changed so much about it while leaving so much of it the exact same. Yet it still manages to feel like a unique open world experience with a ton of content and a lot of replay ability. It’s a game for comic fans, open world fans, or even to some extent third person shooter fans. It reaches a broad audience and it mish mashes all these different genres and play styles into one gorgeous, fun to play and well told story. Cole's Character Model still loo...

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"Yo dawg, we heard you like infamous..." 0

I found it slightly funny that during all the craziness and official reveals of games at E3, Sony was releasing the sequel to one of their most successful franchises. It seems oddly fitting in that, aside from a couple of releases, the majority of E3 was a lot of sequels, closing of trilogies and iterations only for another sequel to be released that very week which is somewhat similar in design. Make no mistake, nothing about Infamous 2 takes on that incremental leap forward like Mass Effect, A...

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Horseman's Infamous 2 Review 0

Despite it's flaws, wonkiness, and weird design decisions, Infamous was a fantastically fun and interesting experience that no other open-world game provided at the time. I was extremely excited about the release of Infamous 2, expecting a game larger in scope with better powers, graphics, characters, and story. Infamous 2 improves on Infamous 1 in some ways but it also doesn't hold up as well in other instances.The first major change anyone who played the first game will notice, is the change t...

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More of The Same But Brand New. 0

(Please note that as of this review, I have only completed the game as a good guy. I have not played evil yet, but I plan to. If these plans happen is unknown.)In 2009, Sucker Punch, developers of the Sly Cooper series and the massively underrated Rocket: Robot On Wheels, went the more realistic route (much like their buddies Naughty Dog and Insomniac) for the PS3 with InFamous, a superhero game. It was a very good game, but not without it's flaws.Like most games do, InFamous got a sequel, and i...

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Like the first inFamous? You should probably play this. 0

I'm going to be honest. I liked the first inFamous a great deal.That's to say I like how it played. But I can't remember a damned thing about the story.I know I was bad. And someone died. And time travel. But that's about it.And now just a couple of weeks after finishing this game, the details of it's story are a pretty fuzzy.Everything else though is a wee bit less fuzzy.It helps that practically everything else feels like the first game.It's still a shooter - but instead of guns you've got ele...

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inFAMOUS 2's fun gameplay and atmosphere make it feel like a fully-realized comic book; an unforgettable power fantasy. 0

As this is my first attempt at a review here, I figured I'd start off with one of my favorite games of this generation, just to get things started.The first inFAMOUS was one of the first games I bought for the PlayStation 3. This may have been because I hadn't played too many open-world or action-adventure games, but, for whatever reasons, it quickly became a favorite for me. The gameplay (while essentially just being a reskinned third-person shooter, with elements also found in games such as th...

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Better in Every Way 0

Infamous 2 is almost exactly what you would expect from the a sequel to the first game. Almost. Infamous 2 improves on every aspect of the game, even story and characters.While being chased out of Empire City by "The Beast", agent Lucy Kuo brings Cole Macgrath and friend and partner Zeke Dunbar to New Marais. Throughout the course of the game Cole's objective is to collect blast cores to becomes more powerful so he can activate the Ray Sphere Inhibitor to neutralize The Beast. While the game is ...

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Being Bad Feels Pretty Good 0

When Sucker Punch released the first Infamous, I was torn. On the one hand, the combat and traversal felt great, and the story was intriguing. On the other hand, Cole's animations looked awkward, the characters were annoying, and despite being a so-called "superhero" (or villain) I never felt quite as powerful as the narrative constantly suggested I was. The Electric Man's second adventure targets many of the gripes I had with the first game, and undoubtedly it is the better of the two products,...

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Infamous 2 epically amazing. 0

So after just getting Infamous 2 I sat down and put over 5 hours in the game nonstop. This game packs together everything that made the first game great and expands upon it. With returning game play and only a minor change to controls Infamous 2 is exactly what you would expect from a sequel.  The story for the game is actually more addictive than the first with actual cut scenes as well as the graphic novel style story telling. The story beats feel like they have more of an impact and make you ...

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Fails to Achieve its Potential But Boy Is It Still Fun 0

inFamous 2 improves on the original in so many ways that it seems a shame to decide that it's not as good a game. Having romped through the adventure and had an whole bunch of electrifying fun, I put down the controller as the end  credits rolled and had to reason out why I was less satisfied the second time around.   In recent times we've been blessed with sequels which have surpassed the originals. Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Red Dead redemption were all improvements on the games whi...

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Sucker Punch Delivers More inFamous 0

Cole can now now give melee beat downs.inFamous 2 is very much like the first, but it changes just enough to create a worthwhile experience. You play as Cole MacGrath, an electrically charged super human in a well done open world. inFamous is a brilliant mixture of urban traversal and third person shooting. Cole’s lightning abilities feel very fluid and accurate, while on the other hand the cover mechanics don’t always work as intended. In addition to the third person shooting inFamous 2 puts a ...

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Have a blast (of electricity) 0

inFamous 2 is the electric sequel to the original inFamous by Sucker Punch. The original was fun and fresh but lacked when it came to polish. Can inFamous 2 overwrite the originals problems, or will it be more of the problematic same? Read on to find out...  Story  Set in New Marais, Cole and Zeke are back, but this time, back with some new pals. In the original, characters were dull and non life-like. In the sequel however, Cole's new friends Kuo and Nix are perfectly crafted and they are chara...

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pure fun 0

Infamous 2 is a super hero open world game that is fun. the control is excellent, good combat and great powers!  the story is ok nothing that will blow your mind but it will guide you to level up Cole powers. replay value is high as the good VS evil powers now are very different (ice/fire) from Infamous 1 (red VS blue lighting).  I hated the characters in the game most of them are pretty forgettable and I hoped cole would have a better personality.  inFamous 2 is not perfect and have some weak p...

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A bold sequel that improves upon it's predecessor in amazing ways 0

Pros:-Good Storyline and Characters-Open world environment is fun to explore-Good variety of powers-Some moral decisions are tough to make-Good freedom of choice-High Replay Value and Lot's of content will keep you busy for a whileCons:-Not the best looking game on PS3, doesn't show off it's power.-Combat can be frustrating and awkward when fighting multiple enemies at once.-Some other moral choices are too black and whiteInfamous 2 is the sequel to the smash hit "Infamous" from the brains behin...

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A great sequel to an already great game. 0

(I originally posted this review at PSP Demo Center, but felt like reposting it for the GB community)If you had unbelievable powers, would you try to save the world, or just watch it burn? This is the question Sucker Punch's inFAMOUS 2 poses to the player. But does the sequel to the 2009 PS3 hit manage to electrify gamers once more?The Beast is CominginFAMOUS 2 picks up where the original game left off, starting Cole and Zeke in Empire City. The citywide quarantine has finally been lifted, when ...

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An electrifying, although slightly disappointing thrill ride 0

Infamous stormed on to the scene in 2009 when PS3 was in desperate need of some exclusives. The game was a solid sci-fi, superhero origin story for protagonist Cole MacGrath, successfully blending platforming and action gameplay mechanics with a cool story, all in an open world environment. The sequel is out now and while it is still a fun ride from beginning to end, it is ultimately a disappointing sequel.   The story picks up where the first game left off, only now you're in the New Orleans i...

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A criminally underrated sequel 0

I was somewhat disappointed last year when Infamous 2 came out and was widely met with lukewarm reviews. The first Infamous is my second favorite game on the PS3, and I was very eager to see what would happen next with the story in Infamous 2. The first game had some flaws which were fixable for a sequel. When I heard that the second game wasn't as good as the first, I put off playing it. That was a mistake, because Infamous 2 deserves a lot better than the middling reviews that it received. Thi...

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Infamous 2 Review: A song of ice and fire 0

Infamous 2 is a sandbox game through and through, but it also continues the surprisingly strong story of its predecessor and attempts to improve many aspects of the game mechanics. As a major PS3 exclusive franchise and a sandbox trying to tell a linear story Infamous 2 does remarkably well in marrying clashing game designs. Its a really solid game with a strong narrative, but it does have some niggling issues.   The story of Infamous 2 picks up directly from where the first game left you. Cole ...

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Refined, fluid, and well-written. What more could I ask for? 0

Let go.Those two simple words were enough to cement my love for inFamous 2. For those who played it and went the route of the angels, you’ll know exactly what I mean. For those who haven’t even touched this game, hopefully this review will convince you.inFamous 2 takes place fairly soon after the canon “Good Ending” from the first inFamous, with Cole still as powerful as he was at the end of the first game, as the intro’s memorable “supposed to lose” fight with The Beast, who’s arrival was fores...

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Electric Avenue Gets Interesting Down South 0

I have to start this review by stating that I despised the first Infamous. I found the characters irritating, the missions repetitive, and the gameplay loose. It is understandable then that I dove into Infamous 2 with some hesitation. Thankfully, this hesitation lasted roughly twenty minutes into the game. The opening mission introduced new characters that were actually likable, new enemies, and some impressive new electric powers. The game only got better from there.For those who are unfamiliar...

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Minor Improvements and Major Disappointments 0

To explain the reason why I can be so disappointed with a game and yet give it 4 stars, you must understand I had a very high opinion of the first Infamous game. It was a reason for buying my PS3, though the first had faults with the traversal and occasional imbalances between the enemies guns and the distance you could accurately hit with your powers.  It was a 5 star game at the time, unparalleled by its peers (I'm looking at you Prototype).   Infamous 2 offers improvements in terms of providi...

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Cole is back, twitchy platforming and all, for another round 0

Infamous. Quite a lofty title for a game. Sucker Punch’s super powered anti-hero may not have been known by all, but he apparently did well enough to warrant a sequel. Which brings us to Infamous 2. After having a bit of a personality crisis, Cole MacGrath is back for another round of electricity fueled adventure. This time the party is in the New Orleans knock-off, New Marais with a titanic clash between him and a giant fire beast. The exterior trappings may be a bit different, but the framewor...

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A Great Comeback 0

InFamous 2 is probably one of the best sequels that will ever be released in 2011. There aren't as many flaws as people say there are but if so, the diverse amount of abilities and fluid gameplay will easily blind you of the flaws.  The visuals of this game are a huge step from the first. In the first game most cutscenes would take place in the comic-book style slideshow but now InFamous has taken a more cinematic way of show casing the dramatic cutscenes it needed to show the great story line. ...

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inFamous 2 Still Great 0

Just over two years ago the original inFamous bolted onto the PlayStation 3, creating one of the first games that made buying a PS3 a worthwhile investment. inFamous was the total package; it looked gorgeous, introduced a new poster child in the form of Cole MacGrath, the electrically fueled superhero (or villain) of Empire City, let players scale the side of buildings with ease, and gave gamers the feeling of controlling a superhero. Now we find ourselves with inFamous 2, and for the most part ...

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INFAMOUS2:When infamous came out for the PS3 only was an fantastic game withfun gameplay,a story like a supehero comic,the intresting character and the cutscenes that show up like a comic of course.Now  was  obsivous that it had to be a,s a very intresting title that it should not be mised for none that likes the action,s a must for every owner of PS3.   GAMEPLAY:The gameplay is the same from the previous game but with some new addicions to keep things fresh.Cole has now a new...

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inFamous 2 raises the bar for its genre. 0

InFAMOUS 2 Review   The original inFAMOUS falls into a group of games that I would call the future of sandbox gaming. Controlling an immensely powerful character while fighting worthy adversaries and giving the player the abilities to traverse the world very quickly but make doing so enjoyable by itself. The original inFAMOUS had all this in spades and one of the most well crafted open worlds that I have ever seen. It was topped off by a good story with characters that were relatable, the proble...

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All that Power 0

Entering the world of the original inFamous was amazing. I loved the way the game moved and all the beats it hit. It made me feel like I was in control of what I could do and when I could do it. Of course not being able to find those last two blast shards put a dampen on how I felt about the game... Nah, it helped. I loved simply looking for them and climbing everywhere I could. Of course this set the standards high for inFamous 2.  When I started inFamous 2 I felt immediately at home. The contr...

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