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Like the first inFamous? You should probably play this.

I'm going to be honest. I liked the first inFamous a great deal.

That's to say I like how it played. But I can't remember a damned thing about the story.

I know I was bad. And someone died. And time travel. But that's about it.

And now just a couple of weeks after finishing this game, the details of it's story are a pretty fuzzy.

Everything else though is a wee bit less fuzzy.

It helps that practically everything else feels like the first game.

It's still a shooter - but instead of guns you've got electricity powers.

But they all fill the roles of certain gun types. You've got a rocket launcher.

You've got a sniper rifle. You've got grenades.

And you still climb about in a manner not to dissimilar to an Assassins Creed game.

But faster. You still naturally gravitate toward objects you can cling too or balance your way across, which while often useful can sometimes be a bit annoying. As fun and useful a way to get about as it is, climbing doesn't feel especially fluid and it's more button mashy than perhaps it need be.

In addition to climbing, grinding and gliding there are at least a couple other transport powers, like the ice launch. Oh yeah. And there's a couple of ice and fire powers! You can only pick one element and the choice is tied into the story and morality system. If you've been playing bad up until that choice and suddenly pick ice powers the scale will flip you to good. A bit lame.

The campaign was lengthy in itself, but the game also has dozens of side quests with a decent amount of variety between them and then there's the user generated content. I didn't play a lot of it and what I played I wasn't impressed with, mostly just got dumped against stupid amounts of bad guys. But between the campaign, the side quests and the collectibles there's a lot for you to do in inFamous 2. You'll get plenty of bang for your buck.

Not much else to say. The game looks good. The motion comic style cinematics are still pretty col. Sounds fine. Mostly. The voice acting is all solid, the sound effects that are there are alight - but there's an odd lack of ambient sound in the game. You can stand around and literally not hear a thing. Occasionally cars will make noise. But not always. People will occasionally make comments, but not often. Games awful quiet.

Silence aside the game is a solid sequel.

If you liked the first game and want more of that you'll be plenty thrilled.

If you expect more than just... More, you might be a tad underwhelmed.

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