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    inFamous: First Light

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 26, 2014

    inFamous: First Light is a standalone prequel to inFamous: Second Son, focussing on supporting character Fetch.

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    Developed by Sucker Punch, inFamous: First Light is an open world and arena combat game released for PlayStation 4 on August 14, 2014 as stand-alone content in the inFamous franchise.. The game was available to PS+ members for free during the month of January of 2015. The player controls Fetch, a girl with the powers stemming from neon energy, as she retells the story of her recent past in Seattle.


    Players take control of Fetch in both an arena and open world environment. The events of the arena take part in the present while the open world is a telling of events from Fetches past. Fetch absorbs neon energy from her surroundings to fuel the powers that become available as the story progresses. The open world contains optional tasks and challenges which reward the player with SP that is spent to purchase upgrades for Fetch's powers. In addition to the open world, Fetch can also take part in arena challenges that are initiated from the start menu.

    The city may be traversed by taking the form of neon, which allows Fetch to air dash, climb vertical surfaces, and jump farther.

    Combat includes melee and ranged play-styles. Melee allows Fetch to stock one hit finishers, while ranged attacks vary from simple to homing projectiles. Early on in the game, Fetch is given the ability to incapacitate enemies by aiming at the enemies specific body parts in the zoomed in mode, which also slows time for a short period.


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