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Repetitive gameplay, Uninventive story

Now, the concept of Infamous never sounded all that amazing to me. A regular guy turned hero with electricity powers doesn't sound that inventive and yeah, it really isn't in this game. The point that further aggravates me is the similarity your powers have to generic shooter weapons. Sure an electricity grenade sounds like a good idea but it just cheapens your powers when you feel like your just playing a bad shooter with electricity skins on all the weapons. Maybe I'm being to demanding, why should a game have a combat system that is anything but a spam fest? How many times can you hit the rocket launcher button before the hoard of enemies kills you? Also a lot of the climbing controls were very fidgety although I suppose I don't know of a game that features climbing that isn't, still you'll find yourself frustrated to often with the climbing and almost always bored with it.  
I really wish I liked this game, I wish I were simple enough to enjoy the story and patient enough to enjoy the gameplay but I'm not and I would never recommend it when compared to the many better options when it comes to open world games and games in general.

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