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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 15, 2005

    A mutant virus is turning people into flesh eating zombies during the happy time of christmas in this action shooter for the PSP.

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    It's Christmas time in New York city and all is well. When the town decides to meet and light the Rockefeller tree, Zombies appear under it and all hell breaks loose. Everyone at the sight is infected and thus starts the adventure. You play as Stevens a security guard for hire during the lighting of the New York Christmas tree. (you pick a first name and country, and city of origin. Stevens is also customizable with many different costumes). During his security job he is bitten and after he is brought in by Dr. Schaeffer and commissioner Burgess he finds he is immune to the infection and his blood is the only thing that can kill the zombies. After being hired as a rookie Officer Dr. Schaeffer back at H.Q. will provide you with intel for each mission (with lots of humor), as well as equip you with a viral gun that you launch at injured zombies... causing them to explode (the blood can splat onto other zombies causing them to blow up as well (pointed in a combo system). The missions are spread out between the 5 boroughs of New York. Types of missions include Kill Em All, Heli pad evac, Limited evac, Defender.


    Each comes with 3 different levels.

    • Pistol (Packs a punch to soften the infected)
    • Shotgun (Heavy but slow ballistic weapon)
    • Submachine gun (Fully automatic)
    • RPG launcher
    • BMFG (Special weapon of the New York Bio Team) You also get a viral Chainsaw and 3 types of grenades.


    The game is acclaimed for it's humor. The game includes unlockable player skins like the Slipknot band members (all of them), Hippie Claus, Santa Clause, Zombie Clause, and Rayne (Protagonist of BloodRayne). Main avatars that are Stevens original first character models are the first 3.

    Multiplayer allows you to infect other players' PSP with your customized character. Your character would stay on their screen while they're playing the game, until that player infects another PSP.


    The game's licensed soundtrack includes tracks from Roadrunner Records bands and electronica tracks:


    • Eyeless - Slipknot
    • Everything Ends - Slipknot
    • Pulse of the Maggots - Slipknot
    • Power Trip - Chimaira
    • Nothing Remains - Chimaira
    • Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr - Trivium
    • When It Cuts - Ill Nino
    • Prey - The Agony Scene
    • Remanufacture - Fear Factory
    • Release the Temp - Junkie XL
    • Message in a Beat - Junkie XL
    • Noiser - Junkie XL
    • Brouwersgracht Love - Junkie XL
    • Unsupported Obsolete - Pimp X
    • Walking with the Dead - Pimp X
    • Served Chilled - Pimp X
    • Reaktor - Pimp X
    • Replicator - Pimp X


    Rookie Officer Stevens - is the protagonist (Has many faces and Costumes) Doesn't talk just does what he is told and is key to killing the infected.

    Dr. Schaeffer - is the commander of the New York bio team. Gives you info on the infected, as well as your weapons and upgrades.

    Commissner Burgess - is the assigned Government official working with the New York Bio team to contain the infected.

    News Reporter Diane Jewel - is the new caster that gives updates on the situation of the city.

    Tom Reilly - is a protestor in the city that believes the Zombies Are people too. "They Don't even know its Christmas!".

    ---------- There are also many Survivors, most that don't have speaking roles.


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