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    The Infernal Engine is an ever evolving cross-platform engine developed by Terminal Reality. It is currently being used by a number of external studios to power their games.

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     Developed and maintained by Terminal Reality, the Infernal Engine has been the game engine powering games on the following current platforms:
    • Playstation 3
    • Xbox 360 
    • PC
    It is also scalable to run on:
    • Wii 
    • PSP
    • PS2
     The Infernal Engine editor can actually emulate all of the platforms for development.

    Description from the developer

    "Infernal Engine is the most cross-platform capable, full-featured foundation for building video games. Built from a team of industry veterans at Terminal Reality, a fourteen year independent game developer, Infernal has the features and support you need. Designed to solve today's real game development challenges, Infernal is a unified system, providing superior rendering, physics, sound, AI, and even metrics in a single package. Built from the ground up to optimize the game creation process and to take advantage of today’s complex hardware – the Infernal Engine is the best choice for game developers"

    VELOCITY Physics Engine

    Included in the Infernal Engine and a part of the license is a proprietary physics engine.  The developer claims the collision system "maintains thousands of simulating objects on next-gen hardware." It also feature cloth and hair physics simulation.
    The destruction and physics capabilities were shown off in Ghostbusters: The Video Game; letting players smash objects, throw objects around and wide variety of other physics interactions.

    External Links

    Infernal Engine Official Website

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