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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 08, 2007

    Infernal tells the story of Ryan Lennox. He is a former angel who is recruited by the forces of Hell to fight “Etherlight”, which is a heavenly secret agency.

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    After becoming an "Abyss" agent he is given "Evil" Powers Ryan has the ability to add extra damage to his attacks called "Infernal Attacks".  As well heal himself and steal the soul of his fallen foes. As well as the skill of Single teleportation and later on multiple teleportation, A skill that allows him to teleport other people (Be they dead or alive) and objects.  
    Ryan is also given " Infernal" vision which allows him to see hidden health and mana balls. Along with hidden codes and hidden traps including land mines and gas traps.
    One of the biggest skills in the game is Ryan's ability to "Steal souls" From his downed does. Walking to a dead body and holding a button for three seconds will allow for Ryan to suck out health and any ammo or important items that enemy had been carrying.  On the other side Ryan gains " Mana" from killing his foes.


    During his fight Ryan comes across quite a few interesting items to stave off his enemy's  
    Fists- Ryan can use his fists when he is all out of ammo. He can even add Infernal attacks to his hand to hand attacks.When charged with infernal energy Ryan delivers a might blow.

    Shuriken-One of the first drops you get in the game. When charged with infernal energy Ryan throws a exploding version of this weapon.

    Pistol- Ryan's Starting weapon. When charged with infernal energy Ryan shoots a single bullet with explosive damage. 
    Double Pistol-Two normal pistols. One held in each hand John Woo style. The infernal charge with this weapon is the same as a normal pistol.

    Laser Pistol- Similar to the pistol this fires laser shots. The damage is light but because of less recoil the accuracy is higher. Same as pistol and double Pistol.

    Submachine Gun-Shoots fast but gives up accuracy. When charged with infernal energy this gun shoots bullets with more damage and small explosive damage. Each shot using energy.

    Machine Gun- Shoots fast and has decent damage and accuracy. Same as Submachine gun when charged with infernal energy. 

    Assault Rifle- Strongest machine guy Ryan can obtain. Very strong but recoil is very high. Same as Submachine gun when charged with infernal energy. 

    FlameThrower- Fires a stream of napalm to burn foes alive at close range.. Reloading is long but damage is high. The infernal charge of this weapon fires a even more intense and higher damage dealing stream of fire.

    Welder Gun- Fires a high energy beam the drains ammo.Long reload but high damage.Another weapon where the infernal shot just adds more damage.

    Heavy Beam Gun- Fire energy at your foe. The infernal shot version is just a stronger shot 

    Rocket Launcher- We all know what this guy is. One shot does lots of damage but reloading is a pain. When charged with infernal energy the explosion of rockets is larger.

    Sniper Rifle- Long range weapon with powerful shots. The sniper rifle does not appear to be less effective at close range killing most foot solders in one shot. When charged with infernal energy this weapon does more damage. 

    Grenade -Ryan also has grenades in his arsenal and appears to pull the pin with his teeth before throwing them.  

    Turret-Ryan can also climb behind the sights of a stationary turret and use it. Wile on the turret he can impart his infernal powers on it and fire stronger shots with some explosive damage


    Infernal:Hell's Vengeance does not contain a auto save feature. New levels also do not count as a save. Only the saves the player does count. 
    The achievements for difficulty do not stack requiring at least 3 playthoughs to get 1k gamerscore 

    System Requirements

      Minimum: WINDOWS 2000/XP/Vista, Pixel Shader 2.0 compatible, ATI Radeon 9600/NVidia 5950 class or better, Pentium IV 1.7 GHz or equivalent, 512 MB RAM, 2 GB Hard disk, Direct Sound compatible

      Recommended: WINDOWS 2000/XP/Vista, Pixel Shader 3.0 compatible, Dual core 3.0 GHz processor, 1024 MB RAM, 2 GB Hard disk, Direct Sound compatible 


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