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Well it has to be said when i picked this game up i wasn't expecting much from it. But to my surprise it was a lot of fun. It has 3 single player modes; 9 ball and 8 ball which are played like it should be played and INFERNO mode. Inferno mode is where the aim is to try and clear the table and force all your balls onto the other people tables while they are trying the same thing. When you work up a streak or do a number of tick shots the inferno meter will build up. Once it is full you here the commentator in a big deep voice shout INFERNO. Once in this every ball you pot and an extra one will be removed from the table; this is often key to victory.
There is an online mode but no one is ever on it so it is best played with your friends online or locally. In all this game is a lot of fun and i would recommend getting it.

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