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    Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd.

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    Known for creating Puzzle Quest Infinite Interactive are the foremost Australian game developer

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    Infinite Interactive is developer headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Steve Fawkner founded the company in 1989.  Fawkner made Infinite totally independent in 2003 following a long-lasting partnership with SSG, through which the Warlords series of games was born. Infinite continued to produce Warlords games but are currently best know for their Puzzle Quest series.

    Infinite released Puzzle Quest for PSP and Nintendo DS, but later further released it on almost every other possible platform. They went on to develop Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, an Othello-based game in the Puzzle Quest series with a science fiction setting.  As well as Puzzle Quest 2, which added a lot to the original formula, while still keeping the puzzle parts based on "Match-3." Infinite Interactive is also known for creating Neopets Puzzle Adventures, a Puzzle Quest game revolving around the game Reversi.
    A new game, "Office Warz" is being developed in partnership with the foremost Australian gaming TV show "Good Game".  Good Game viewers have supplied the idea for the game as well as two interns for Infinite Interactive.  From what we know, the game will be about sabotaging your work mates and rising to the top of the company.  From early gameplay footage it seems Office Warz will incorporate some of the puzzle elements Infinite Interactive has become well known for over the years.


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