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    Infinity Blade II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 01, 2011

    Chair's followup to their wildly popular Punch-Out-inspired action RPG, Infinity Blade.

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    Infinity Blade II features a RPG experience where players navigate a branching, on-rails path to fight enemies, find loot, and explore. New to the sequel are branches to areas that are initially blocked off and will require multiple playthroughs (called Rebirths) to unlock. This makes each playthrough a little different than its previous because unlike the game its based upon, each rebirth can end with a different final encounter. Combat involves one on one swordplay where players can tap on-screen prompts to use special attacks, dodge or block enemies. Players can attack by swiping their finger across the screen in any direction or parry enemy attacks by swiping their finger in the same or opposite direction to the oncoming attack. Combat occurs in real time and ends when either the player or their opponent runs out of health. Players gain experience, along with a combination of gold or various different items ranging between gems that provide stat bonuses to armor and weapons. When enough experience is earned, players level up and can spend earned "skill points" to improve their character (Health, Attack, Shield, or Magic). The equipment that is worn will also gain experience and can be "mastered" to gain additional skill points.


    Infinity Blade 2 follows Siris on his journey to find and join forces with the Worker of Secrets, creator of the Infinity Blade, in order to destroy a faction know as The Deathless.


    In addition to a deeper weapon customization system, dual wielding swords, god rays and koy have been confirmed.

    Three unique ways to equip your character, traditional one-handed weapon and shield combo, two-handed heavy weapons, and dual wielding weapons. Each style can be accompanied with a shield, helmet, armor, and ring that can be mastered through XP earned in battles. The three styles of play give the player a unique combination of offensive and defensive capabilities during battles. While equipped with a one-handed weapon and shield, players are able to dodge, parry, and block with their shield. Using a two-handed heavy weapon, players can parry but can no longer dodge, however they can block left, center, or right using the weapon as a shield. Two-handed weapons also have a unique combo attack, when the weapon is swiped in the same direction twice a third more powerful combo finisher will be available. Lastly, dual wielding weapons can parry but lose the ability to block, in its place is the ability to dodge left, duck, or dodge right. Dual wielding weapons are purchased or found as a set and are capable of generating larger combinations.

    Each style of play gives the player a special "Power Attack", which is located on the top left corner of the screen, under the health bar. As the player receives damage, or when they damage their opponent, a transparent circle begins to fill itself around the Power Attack icon. Once full, the player can then press it to stun their opponent, despite what they happen to be doing. Sword and shield power attacks involve three precision stabs, which then leaves the enemy dazed and open for more damage, and is also the weakest of the three. The two-handed power attack will stun opponents and prompt three swipes across the screen in random directions, which then dazes the enemy and opens the window for more attacks. This is arguably the most devastating of the three Power Breaks, and rightfully so. The dual wielding power attack will stun opponents and put players in a QTE (quick-time event) where circles will begin forming across the opponents body, of which the player must press as quickly as possible. Where each circle will appear is randomly generated, and how many a player manages to press determines how many attacks will be executed once the QTE has ended. If executed efficiently, this Power Attack can inflict intense damage, and will also leave the opponent stunned, allowing the player to continue attacking.


    Infinity Blade II was revealed at Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event to showcase the processing power of their new handset, the iPhone 4S. It was also announced that IF2 would be available for download on December 1st, 2011.


    Infinity Blade II garnered critical acclaim for many major video game critics. IGN gave Infinity Blade II a perfect score of 10/10 and also stated that "Infinity Blade 2 is a must own." GameSpot gave the game a score of 9/10, calling it "the perfect sequel." Metacritic rates Infinity Blade II with an aggregate score of 90 based on 30 different critical reviews, placing it among the top 50 highest rated iOS games registered on Metacritic.


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