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    Infinity Blade

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 09, 2010

    Infinity Blade is the first iOS game to use the Unreal Engine. The game pits players against a variety of massive foes on a quest to slay the God King.

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    Infinity Blade was released for iOS devices on December 8th, 2010. The game features a guided RPG experience where players navigate a branching, on-rails path to fight enemies, find loot, and explore. Combat involves one on one swordplay where players can tap on screen prompts to use special attacks, dodge or block enemies. Players can attack by swiping their finger across the screen in any direction or parry enemy attacks by swiping their finger in the same direction as an oncoming attack. Combat occurs in real time and ends when either the player or their opponent runs out of health. Players gain experience, gold, and sometimes items after a fight. When enough experience is earned, players level up and can spend earned skill points to improve their character. Items worn also gain experience and can be "mastered" to gain additional skill points. It is also the fastest grossing app on the iOS, selling 271,424 copies in four days.

    The game is fully compatible with Apple's Game Center, complete with leaderboards and achievements. Although currently not supported, multiplayer options appear in the game under the "Coming Soon" section. The multiplayer is supposed to be released through an update sometime in early 2011.


    Combat in Infinity Blade
    Combat in Infinity Blade

    The God King has ruled over the land for many years with an iron fist. The player, as a brave warrior, must traverse The God King's castle and slay his champions before reaching the top and facing The God King himself. After being slain by the powerful Infinity Blade, the player starts the game again, with all of his ancestor's items, and attempts yet again to slay The God King.

    Game Features At Launch

    • Universal App (iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad)
    • Apple GameCenter Integration
    • High Resolution Graphics for Retina Display
    • 28 Weapons
    • 12 Shields
    • 15 Helmets
    • 5 Armor Suits
    • 12 Magic Rings
    • 40 Skill Levels

    Update #1

    • 5 Weapons
    • 5 Shields
    • 5 Helmets
    • 1 Armor
    • 5 Skill Levels
    • New Enemy Marrow Fiend

    Update #2 - The Deathless Kings

    • 30 new items
    • "Dungeon" environment with 6 new arenas
    • 10 new enemies
    • new achievements
    • "New Game Plus" - Lets you remaster items, unlocks new items and removes level cap.
    • Extra character slots
    • New sound and interface options

    Update #3- Infinity Blade Arena

    The third update for the critically acclaimed Infinity Blade has been released. Get ready for sleepless nights, extended bathroom breaks and divorces as Chair finally brings Multiplayer to the game, allowing friends and complete strangers to compete against each other in a knight vs titan battle over Game Center. The all new Survival mode tests your concentration and endurance as you face an endless army of titans. Along with a hand full of new swords, rings, armor, helmets and shields. Don't forget the new holiday helmet! If that wasn't enough more achievements and leaderboards have been added for your boasting rights.


    fAccording to statistics gleaned from Apple's Game Center, Infinity Blade is, as of December 14th, 2010, the fastest growing iPhone application of all time. The application has generated over $1.5 million in revenue. Epic's Mark Rein posted a twitter message that stated that the game's success is even beyond the numbers reported by Apple's Game Center:

    Great Infinity Blade success stories today however the Game Center numbers being reported are quite a bit lower than the actual sales :)

    Game Center Achievements

    • Minuteman - Defeat an enemy in under 60 seconds.
    • Inconceivable! - Defeat an enemy without taking any damage.
    • Last one standing - Fight ten enemies in a single playthrough.
    • Cinderblock - Block 10 attacks.
    • Brick wall - Block 100 attacks.
    • All right, little man - Perform a Combo Attack.
    • Now THIS happens - Perform 50 Combo Attacks.
    • The bigger they are - Perform 200 Combo Attacks.
    • The harder they fall - Perform 1,000 Combo Attacks.
    • Variety is the spice - Do each type of combo in the same battle (3x,4x,5x).
    • En Garde! - Perform 10 Parries.
    • A reed in the wind - Perform 50 Parries.
    • You got the touch - Perform 200 Parries.
    • Epic! - Perform 1000 Parries.
    • Roger dodger - Dodge 10 times.
    • Artful dodger - Dodge 100 times.
    • Full of holes - Perform 5 Stab Attacks.
    • Like Swiss cheese - Perform 100 Stab Attacks.
    • Wizard! - Cast a magic spell.
    • You shall not pass! - Cast 100 magic spells.
    • Warriors only - Perform a Super Attack.
    • No, THIS is Sparta - Perform 50 Super Attacks.
    • Working hard - Acquire 1,000 gold pieces.
    • Hardly working - Acquire 25,000 gold pieces.
    • It's own reward - Acquire 100,000 gold pieces.
    • Payday! - Open 5 treasure chests.
    • Jackpot! - Open 100 treasure chests.
    • Waste not want not - Find all world treasures in a playthrough.
    • Only what ya see - Purchase an inventory item.
    • Well-equipped - Increase your inventory to at least 10 items.
    • Bag of holding -Increase you inventory to at least 50 items.
    • If ya got it, use it - Master an inventory item.
    • Master of disaster - Master 10 inventory items.
    • Intimately familiar - Master 50 inventory items.
    • Ding! - Reach level 5.
    • There is no try - Reach level 10.
    • Like dustin' crops - Reach level 20.
    • Prodigal son - Complete 1 Bloodline.
    • Skips a generation - Complete 2 Bloodlines.
    • Back in my day - Complete 5 Bloodlines.
    • This is on a phone! - Complete 20 Bloodlines.
    • Don't back down - Win a battle without dodging or blocking.
    • Now stay down! - Defeat the God-King.
    • Not in Kansas - Get the alternate ending in the game.
    • Four on the floor - Perform a four-hit combo.
    • Fists of fury - Perform a five-hit combo.
    • Higher and higher - Reach level 45.
    • Level un-capped - Reach level 100.
    • 1 million dollars! - Acquire 1,000,000 gold pieces.
    • My preciouses - Increase you inventory to at least 100 items.
    • Keeps on giving - Master any inventory item twice.
    • New game plus - Start a new game plus.
    • How'd you do that? - Reach Bloodline -1.
    • Survivor - Survive 5 Arena rounds in Survivor mode.
    • Eye of the tiger - Survive 20 Arena rounds in Survivor mode.
    • Playing with friends - Complete 5 matches in Arena Multiplayer.
    • Contender - Win 10 matches in Arena Multiplayer.
    • Titan destroyer - Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Knight.
    • Knight destroyer - Win 100 matches in Arena Multiplayer as a Titan.

    Original Soundtrack

    On November 17th 2011 ChAIR released "Infinity Blade: Original Soundtrack" via, iTunes, Zune and Amazon on Demand. Featured on the Soundtrack is original music from Infinity Blade and the highly anticipated Infnity Blade II. The album includes 25 tracks of orchestral and world music elements that define the soundscape of the video game created by ChAIR Entertainment. The Soundtrack is composed by Josh Aker (credited in Infinity Blade, Shadow Complex, Undertow).

    Track list

    1Father, I Will Avenge You
    3Guardian Of The Gate
    4Iron And Blood
    6The Blade Master
    8The Deathless Kings
    9The Tower
    10Dark Knight
    11They'll Be Coming For You Now
    12Drems Maw
    14Saydhi's Estate
    17I Am Siris
    18Familiar Walls
    19High Lord of House Ix
    20The Blood Sentinels
    21Worker of Secrets
    22Here I Will Wait
    24Vault Of Tears
    25Infinity Blade

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