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So, I'm really excited for this game and am seriously considering trying to actually dedicate some time into it and get good at it. I feel like I should get a fight stick if I'm planning on doing that, it also seems like fun to play the game with, but I'm not really big on spending a whole lot on the stick, so getting one with a bundle seemed like the way to go.

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This is the stick that's gonna come with Injustice. It's apparently made by PDP, who made the MK one. I know nothing about fight sticks really, is this one likely to be any good based on the company/design? If not, is there a better one I could get for a comparable price (the bundle is $150)? While I probably could, I'd also rather not get into replacing buttons/parts and stuff.

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Theres an article on SRK i think that goes over the stick in fine detail, TL;DR: It's not as good as a MvC TE or SF4 TE in both the stick and buttons. So, my recommendation is if you are going to be putting any sort of time into this game get one of those and you'll almost never have to worry about replacing parts.

I will admit the art looks sweet on the stick, thats about it though :(.

That's my 2 cents...

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$150 including the game? I think thats a great price for an arcade stick.The quality looks to be ok. You might have a hard time trying to find a mad catz TE stick and its gonna be at least $150 no game included.

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PDP is great. I have the MK stick which is what im using to play Injustice and its great. It might take a bit to get used to playing on a stick but its worth it. Makes tapping out some combos way easier than on a fight pad.

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