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I was wondering how many of you are having trouble executing combos and moves online, as I am having quite a bit. Now I'm definitely not that great at fighting games and have only had the game this week, but my combos hardly ever come out fully online. These are combos I've practiced a lot in training and can nail almost every time with ease, but online they usually stop at 2 or 3 hits. Even simple 4 or 5 hit combos won't come out. I don't know if I input them too fast, or if its lag or what. I played the hell out of MK9 and did not seem to have this problem. Just seeing if anyone else has this problem or any advice. Thanks

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It's so hard (impossible?) to hit confirm in Injustice.. You have to buffer into everything so early (even more so online).. In my Hal Jordan BnB's I'm done with the inputs like halfway into the combos.

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Yea I've been having the same problem. Aquaman is next to impossible to do anything with online for this reason. With Green Lantern I will dial the same combo multiple times and sometimes it registers and other times it won't.

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I mainly play Green Lantern as well, and a big culprit is the bat swing combo off a jump attack. It always drops at 2 or 3 hits, its frustrating. I should also add I'm playing on PS3 with a stick instead of a controller if that makes any difference. Thanks for the replies.

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im not sure ( i dont own the game) but i think injustices netcode uses input delay as opposed to a ggpo kind of thing, so that will change timing a bit.

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It's just input delay. I have the same issue although I tend to stick to shorter combos that are easy to do and hit for solid damage

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Input lag. Varies upon both users in play. You can just stop playing online and find your local scene if you want to optimize your combos and your overall game. You can check out stuff like Test Your Might since they have resources for MK and Injustice as well as finding your nearest community and hangouts. At the least it can help make the online play easier when you find local folks.

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