Patching resets the PS3

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This isn't a unique issue but I haven't found any methods for solving it, when I boot up the game it goes to the "1.02 update necessary" blah but then the console shuts off shortly thereafter; no issue patching or downloading for other games. Any ideas?

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This same thing happened to me on multiple PS3's. When the PS3 restarted and I went back into the game it patched totally fine the second time.

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Worked fine for me, but maybe try deleting the game data?

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#4 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10371 posts) -

Worked via hitting circle for the initial prompt then logging in while in the game.

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I've tried all this and all I get it is it coming up with the Please wait then 3 bleeps and then system resets.

Done a search online and then tried all the ways possible I can fined still same thing.

Has Nether Realms screwed the game up on ps3??

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