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#51 Posted by Spoonman671 (5810 posts) -

Reminds me of the Uncharted games.

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#52 Posted by Kraznor (1618 posts) -

Hawkman Hoedown would be a better title, arguably (he is in it, right?)

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#53 Posted by kindgineer (3089 posts) -

Aren't we talking about video games and comics here? What did you expect. Both forms of media have some of the goofiest/corniest titles known throughout media.

I say it works perfectly.

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#54 Posted by CrystaljDesign (167 posts) -

I'm wondering if they are trying to build up the brand recognition of "Gods Among Us" because it was prominently featured in the first story arch of the New 52 Justice League comic. And the new rumors of a 2015 Justice League movie. I also agree this game doesn't need a subtitle.

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#55 Posted by jayjonesjunior (1148 posts) -

doesn't sound like a fighting game title, but i think it's a good thing.

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#56 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

@Spoonman671 said:

Reminds me of the Uncharted games.

What about them? you mean the " : sub-name "

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#57 Posted by Mixwizzard (87 posts) -

@DeathbyYeti said:

I think it is fine but it is weird since Injustice League is just the group of villains they fight in the comics with the likes of Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Sinestro, and so on.

Edit: I didnt notice it had a subtitle. It isnt good, but very video gaming

And the fact that the heros are beating the crap out of each other constitutes "Injustice"

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#58 Posted by minotaka (335 posts) -

Aye, a bit poop. 'Least the game looks fairly ROFL though :))

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#59 Posted by JayEH (585 posts) -

I think its pretty good

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#60 Posted by DBagalot (159 posts) -

You know what? Gods Among Us would be perfectly fine as a stand alone name. Oh well, I'll probably call it that anyway.

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#61 Edited by egg (1667 posts) -

That's odd.. I have no problem with the name. Whereas I have a huge problem with Superman's fighting stance.

edit: It can't just be called Gods Among Us I think. What sounds better

"hey let's play Gods Amongus" "aw yea I love Godzahmungus"

"hey let's play Injustice" "aw yea I love Injustice"

Keep in mind they want to get people excited about this not just as DC fan service but as a serious fighting game.

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#62 Posted by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

It could be worst. It could have been Reckoning: Gods Among Us.

I'm pretty sure i almost always just say Gods Among Us.

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#63 Posted by GunGunW (65 posts) -

I've read the prequel issues... the story is going to be awful.

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#64 Edited by MiniPato (2827 posts) -

It really isn't.

I'm curious, what do gamers consider to be a good videogame name? Aside from ironically relishing in absurd names, people seem to constantly complain about a name being awful.

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#65 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@GunGunW said:

I've read the prequel issues... the story is going to be awful.

Awful in what way? Comic book storylines can get remarkably stupid.

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#66 Posted by ShaggE (8487 posts) -

@GunGunW said:

I've read the prequel issues... the story is going to be awful.

Y'know, I'm totally okay with that. MK vs. DC's story was awful in the most entertaining of ways, and I'm hoping for the same here. I really want them to embrace the absurdity.

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#67 Posted by GunGunW (65 posts) -

@Hailinel: I thought this was some alternate time line where the heroes were always evil, but it turns out they weren't. Joker kills all of Superman's friends and makes him insane and then he tries to become dictator of the world. Whenever writers try to make Superman dark they always fail miserably and it just comes out awful. This might be the worst time I've seen in comics.

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#68 Posted by Willza92 (364 posts) -
@GunGunW: I think that might be a bit presumptive. I just read the first two issues, they seem fine, if a little quick. Honestly, this is fiction to set up a DC brawler. It doesn't need to be Alan Moore amazing, just fun and understandable.  Also, I think this is less about Superman being "dark" and more about him doing everything in his power to make sure nothing bad happens ever again. There is a difference between a villain (see The Joker) and being misguided. A misguided Superman is probably the most dangerous thing in the DC universe. 
Some touching stuff between Batman and Supes so far in the comics (Superman asking Bats if he wants to be the Godfather was sweet, I thought), I hope the campaign in the game leads up to the Batman vs Superman fight. 
The premise is interesting so far and it's nice to be able to see writers cut loose with our favourite characters and not be bogged down by continuity or worrying about the writers plans after them. 
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#69 Posted by GunGunW (65 posts) -

@Willza92: I've just seen this exact premise before and I never like how it plays out. I also think it's weird that it's really not in his character to assume he knows best for the entire planet and become a dictator... He has humility and can accept when he doesn't know best. I feel like if they want to make it dark and different from how the heroes usually act, then there's no need to set them up in the first place to be who they usually are. It's already been established it's going to end badly.

This same concept has already been done in Kingdom Come, only it was much more well executed. Actually, the more that I think about it, the more this is an even darker rip from Kingdom Come.

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#70 Edited by egg (1667 posts) -

@GunGunW said:

I've read the prequel issues... the story is going to be awful.

That's interesting.. the comicvine threads about it have been mostly positive.

Just to be sure, I'm talking about the 99 cents digital comic based on the game.

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#71 Posted by hermes (2313 posts) -

@GunGunW said:

I've read the prequel issues... the story is going to be awful.

Videogames/comics tie-in are never very good. They tend to make many characters forget common sense or character traits in order to justify an all-out situation. Arkham City tie-in were just as bad.

I just wish they don't go all moody with the story. Part of the charm of MK9 story mode is that embraced the cheesiness of the universe and the premise. For what I have seen, this tries to take themselves way too seriously.

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#72 Posted by Ghost_Cat (2069 posts) -

I think the title matches the quality of voice acting in the, so I'm okay with it.

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#73 Posted by Sean2206 (275 posts) -

I think it's pretty good title in a cheesy kind of epic way.

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#74 Posted by TheHT (14566 posts) -

I like the "Gods Among Us" part.

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#75 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1235 posts) -

There should be a rule where the first product in a series, or potential series, shouldn't have a subtitle.

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#76 Posted by Deranged (2022 posts) -

I see no problem with it and since when has anything relating to comics not been cheesy?

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#77 Edited by Sanj (3136 posts) -

I think it's pretty dumb when titles of games that aren't sequels to anything have subtitles.

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