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    Innothule Swamp

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    Innothule Swamp is a marsh in southern Antonica and is home to many trolls. Its name comes from the god of hate, Innoruuk, and the god of fear, Cazic-Thule.

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    Innothule Swamp
    Innothule Swamp

    Innothule Swamp is what connects the Desert of Ro up north to the jungles of The Feerrott to the west. It is inhabited by trolls, frogloks, kobolds, and many other creatures slithering through the marsh. Most of the creatures found here are even matches for fledgling trolls coming from the city of Grobb to the south, but travelers should keep a sharp eye for the patrolling city guards known as Bashers. The trolls of the region believe that the gods of hate and fear, Innoruuk and Cazic-Thule, conspired in their creation of the humid, dank swampland and gave it the name of Innothule. The ancient city of Guk lies to the east, which is the epicenter of a never ending war between the trolls of Grobb and the frogloks that took Guk many years ago. Control of Grobb has changed hands several times throughout history between the tolls and frogloks. While under control of the noble frogloks, it was known as Gukta. After the latest reclaiming of the city by the trolls, the Frogloks relocated Gukta to the nearby Mountains of Rathe.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Bunk Oden
    • Hogus Durmas
    • Jars Legola
    • Jyle Windstrider
    • Jojounga
    • Lynuga
    • Rell Ostodl
    • Slayer Captain
    • Zimbittle

    Notable Items

    • Mesh Armor
    • Netted Armor
    • Woven Armor

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