ITSP's awesome first trailer - nothing is in the final game ;(

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Watch this trailer (again):

It was this trailer that made me REALLY want this game. The music, all this crazy stuff happening. Well, I finished ITSP a few days ago and thought it was a good game. But when I watched the trailer again, I noticed how almost nothing they showed in it ended up in the final game. They must have cut a massive amount of content and I think it's a shame - especially since I never got that great vibe in trailer from the game. The stuff that is in the game feels much more conventional and gamey. The absence of music was a little bummer as well.

Yeah, uhh ... I just wanted to express my disappointment about this.

edit: Shacknews quoted a developer who basically confirms the massive cuts they made

"Olson also revealed that the game was once much bigger, but "to make it a focused experience we ended up cutting a lot. Ultimately, cutting some areas out of the game meant cutting some really good gameplay ideas. They either got incorporated elsewhere in the game or just got shelved for use down the line."

This decision may have ultimately hurt ITSP, which has been dinged in reviews for its brevity. "We were only in full production for a year and a half and our budget was fairly small," said Olson, "so we did what we could with it. We wanted to make sure we weren't just giving people hours of gameplay that wasn't tight. We wanted to make sure that however short or long the experience was, it was consistent throughout.""

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What? All that stuff looks... Awesome. Looks way more bombastic and exciting than the game really was. That's really a shame. Why did he have to release already? I hope he didn't sacrifice the game's quality just to get it into the Summer of Arcade. But really, until Gagne says something, we'll never know.

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That just means Insanely Twisted Shadow Galaxy is going to be amazing right?

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