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Hey; there's a video of this on the front page of GiantBomb right now, and I'm really pleased to find out they got a publisher. Cos I saw a trailer for this game like 2 years ago, and it was fucking rad.
The trailer that's up on GB right now is a bit shit, so I first wanna drop an old one here for anyone who hasn't seen it:

Also you might've noticed this game is from "Gagne Animation" and "from the mind of Michel Gagne".
He's like my favourite animation guy. He's had little cameos in a fat stack of Disney films like Ratatoulie, The Iron Giant, Clone Wars, and a bunch of other shit you've never heard of...
Here's a short he did a longass time ago:
So yeah that's a short recap of why I'm totally psyched about this game, and why everyone else hopefully won't just say "yo this looks like patapon, that's neat" and ignore it.
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Man, that looks absolutely amazing.

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