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Bounty hunters, vampire killers....and a UFO? 0

Quite frankly, this is the part where I'd be going "it's like they went into my head and made a game for me!" since everything about Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (which will now be shortened to "ITSP" just for the fun of it) is exactly the kind of thing I love in games. The genre? The so-called "Metroidvania" style where you're given a gigantic map with interconnected rooms, secret passageways and hidden goodies and environmental puzzles that you'll need to return to once properly equipped. Th...

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Insanely Good Times! 2

For those gamers craving more Metroid, Castlevania, Shadow Complex, and Aquaria, they will be in state of nirvana with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.  Adding-on to the elements of the previous mentioned titles, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet gives the player Dual-Joystick Shooter type controls on top of the format presented in this style of "Metroidvania" type games.  It makes for an experience that is more focused on the ambient experience, exploration, and 360 degree shooting, rather than on ...

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Take one planet, add distorted beauty and bake till twisted 0

Sometimes it’s really satisfying to just play something simple. The staple of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is as blunt as that - you shoot something and it goes away - though you’ll find so much more as you pilot your ship through this strange new world. On a planet where paths are teasing and beckoning, though locked till you find the required key; be it a rotor-blade to tunnel through rock, or a missile-launcher to pry open new gates or use offensively. There is unquestionably a foundation b...

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Pew pew pew 0

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good 2D exploration focused game as much as anyone, and it’s a particular sub-genre I feel we don’t see enough of. When one does roll around every now and then, however, it’s generally pretty good, and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is not one to buck the trend. This is an engaging, well designed exploration game that any fan of the genre should enjoy.Like most exploration focused games, solid world design is a big part of what makes Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet a...

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Insanely Twisted Creation. 0

     As I played through Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet my emotions seemed to fluctuate just as much as the levels. At the opening of the game the art and style blew me away in way that I haven't been since I saw Limbo for the first time. The style on the creatures and aliens is edgy and covered with shadowy art. The world that you fly around in is just as edgy and scrambled with many hidden passageways to find upgrades, unlockables, and hidden artifacts to find.          As the player yo...

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Not really that insane. 0

If I had to quickly explain what type of game Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is, I would say that 'it's a game that is a mixture between Super Metroid, Outland and plays like a dual-stick shooter'. The one aspect of this game that makes it stand out is it's artstyle, coupled with it's fluid, articulate animation. The work of the artist, Michel Gagné is what makes this game unique and thankfully, the gameplay contained in this title is compelling enough to keep you engaged throughout the entire e...

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ITSP Is Familiar Yet Also Incredible 0

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet does not reinvent the wheel but it manages to bring some familiar concepts into a new setting in a way that ends up being quite good.If you have played Metroid or any of the more recent Metroid inspired titles (ie: Shadow Complex) you will instantly feel at home here. The whole world is designed to be revisited once you pick up a new ability that allows you to open a previously inoperable door. The difference here between a Metroid game and Shadow Planet is that yo...

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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review 0

From the start of the game – you are thrust into a world of chaos. Storytelling in Shadow Planet is kept to a minimum and told in little vignettes with the swelling orchestral music of Dimmu Borgir’s “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse”. These scenes are somewhat calming despite what you are seeing on-screen. A scourge has struck a nearby planet, and it’s up to you to save it and your Homeworld.Exploration, scanning, finding weapons and upgrades, backtracking with newly acquired weapons, and figh...

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Insane-ly good 0

Kinda surprised of the setting, tone and visuals of the game in a very positive sense. You basically guide a ufo through a very alien landscape and it just rocks. During your travels you pick up several pieces that enhances your ufo so you'll be able to scan, tow or shoot stuff. The game itself is a puzzle game mixed with some shooting.Like it![based upon 30 minutes play with xbox controller]...

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