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Insecticide is about bug people that now live in the world. The story follows crys list and her partner roachy who are two detectives. Despite many negative reviews i found insecticide to be very good. The gameplay was good, there are two different kinds, the action side where you fight enemies with a variety of guns or magic. The other being affiliated with solving crimes, what happened or trying away to get into a secret room or out of a place. The battles were good, they are in between hard and easy; but at times they could get a bit frustrating.The crime solving i thought was great since i've always been a fan of mysteries, they weren't all easy to solve but they really require you to think. The only thing i don't like  about it is that it's a very short game and the story is pretty much on the same thing, i was expecting a couple of different stories and then the big one that ends the game; but each mission was affiliated with the begginning crime, involving someone named quinbee. One other thing is that you don't get much time to try out all the weapons and magic you obtain.

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