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    A game from Limbo developers, Playdead, set in a dystopian environment.

    senorsucks2suck's Inside (Xbox One) review

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    Et Tu Brutalist?

    This game was a games with gold title. At only 3.5 hours long my frustration with a few of the puzzles meant I left the game before i completed it, because I'm better than a strategy guide. Coming back to this game after only a year (it was a July 2019 games with gold, phew this pandemic) [All Games with Gold Titles to Date. Best feature of Xbox One generation] . The visual art style is amazing. The redundant nature of platformers like Mario aren't for me. If Im doing something sidescrolling i'd prefer this with minimal precision jumping and zero repetition. For me podcasting is most important ancillary aspects of modern gaming. No longer do i have to rely on peers or message board lurkers to hear a perspective on games. I know one of the podcast i listen to mentioned the end of the game and how cool it was. I whole heartedly agree. This game isn't enough to make me go back and play Limbo. For as austere as Limbo's graphics were the death animations were pretty graphic and i dont think i can tolerate them despite their cartoonishness.

    This game has all the brutalist aesthetic of games like Control and one of my favorite cartoons growing up. The 1940s Max and Fleischer Superman titles. I think they are part of the public domain now so have look.

    5/5 stars 9.4 out of 10 if you can pay $10 or less.

    Same aesthetic. Is this game a takedown on communism and the Red Son?
    Same aesthetic. Is this game a takedown on communism and the Red Son?

    Link to an Old Superman Cartoon. I would have definitely played my nickel to see these in theatres.

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      I never was a particularly huge fan of Playdead’s first game, Limbo. I certainly appreciated all the things it was doing, but it never truly resonated with me. It’s monochromatic color pallet, the simplistic platforming, and heavy reliance on trial and error made the 2009 indie darling seem like a slog at times. Six years later, their second game Inside seems to be retreading familiar footsteps while fixing most of my issues with it’s predecessor. When you start Inside, you&rs...

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