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Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission is a platformer developed by Magic Pockets and published by Light & Shadow Productions for the Game Boy Advance platform.


Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission is a traditional platforming game in which the player is tasked with moving from the left of the screen to the right without getting a game over in between. In Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission there are three different characters that can be selected at any time, each with their own unique abilities to help finish a level.


  • D-Pad Left/Right - Moving the D-Pad to the left or right will move the character in that direction.
  • D-Pad Up - Moving the D-Pad up will make the character look up, or will climb onto an object if hanging from the edge.
  • D-Pad Down - Moving the D-Pad down will make the character crouch, if combined with the jump button as Inspector Gadget it is needed in performing a super jump.
  • A Button - The A Button is used to make all three characters jump, in the case of Brain if pressed twice a double jump will be performed.
  • B Button - The B Button is used to perform an attack.
  • L Button - The L Button will allow the player to switch characters on the fly.
  • R Button - The R Button is used to perform a characters special ability.
  • Start Button - The Start Button is used to pause the game.

Game Modes

While there is only a story mode and a multiplayer mode, when starting up Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission there are five different available options to the player:

  • New Game - New Game starts the story mode of the game from the beginning.
  • Tutorial - The tutorial gives a slideshow with text explanations on the various mechanics of the game.
  • Game Link - The game link allows up to four players connect using link cables.
  • Password - The password option is to allow the player to continue a previously played game.
  • Options - The options menu contains 3 options, sound on or off, music on or off, and an option to view the credits.


There are three different characters that can be switched to on the fly during gameplay:

Inspector Gadget


Inspector Gadget is taller than the other two characters and has two different special abilities.

  • While in the air if up on the D-Pad is held a small umbrella will pop out of his hat, allowing him to float much slower than regular falling.
  • Gadgets R Button special ability is to drop a stick of dynamite (only if the player has any in his inventory).



Penny will always grab on to a ledge and also has two special abilities that can be used:

  • Penny is the only character in the game that can swim underwater, both of the other characters will just float at the top.
  • Pennys L button special ability is to take over control of any robots within a close proximity. Once control is taken if the L Button is pressed again the robot will explode.



Brain, like the other two characters also has two abilities the other characters do not:

  • Brain is the only character in the game that can perform a double jump by pressing the A Button twice.
  • Using Brains L Button move will allow Brain to put on a penguin suit. Putting on the penguin suit allows Brain to move past enemies unnoticed, but can only be used again after a cooldown period. Brain can also not jump while wearing the suit.

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