This is such a cheap idea, it needs to end.

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Currently im quite frustrated. Ive been playing Final Fantasy 13 for about two weeks and its been mostly bland but inoffensive. The only issue ive been having is being forced to grind in the last chapters of the game. I was ready to write this game off as "just not for me" but its suddently gotten to be a hateful experience.

The final boss rush of this game consistst of three bosses in a row (Ive yet to see the third) without a save, each of these requires you to be max level (Grinding isnt too hard, just antiquated I feel) but both so far having had instant kill moves. The first boss seems to have two attacks, one of which is an AOE which may cast "Death". If this move hits you have a couple minutes to kill him, considering this is the last boss of the game this is impossible when I got it cast on me three times during the first half of the fight. This adds no skill, no challenge but simply frustrating and wastes my time. When I finally got through that fight, which was probably at least half an hour, I found there was no save point which means I am now stuck fighting a boss who without warning swaps between instantly taking every party member down to 95% and then applying so many debuffs on me that I physically cannot attack or heal. Ive had three attempts thwarted by a stack of debuffs (basically instant and unavoidable) which locked down my main and backup healers from using magic. I then died from a combination of poison and AOE's for a third of my health.

Side note: There is an item that promises "30% resistence to Death", I bought three of these and upgraded them to 45% resistence. Math tells me, and I was a good student in school, that I should have 135% resistence to death (though Id be willing to give up the extra 35%). Japanese math is wierd because it adds up to 84%. According to the FF13 wiki equipping three of the best death-resistence items and upgrading them fully gives me 94% resistence.

This may be a tradition in RPG's but that Genre needs to break away from tradition. Ive had a total of 6 attempts, and probably nearly three hours, wasted by a random calculation as opposed to skill. There is no way to forsee these deaths and no way to avoid them.

The biggest issue is that as I type this my time investment on FF13 (without any side quests) is 65 hours. I cant give this up but ahead of me is two very cheap bosses who can kill me whenever they like, I just have to hope they decide not to. Oh and I cant sleep, that would be stupid as its 5am, because id have to go back through the first boss who can kill me on a random whim.

When I spend 65 hours on a game, which is rare outside of Fallout/Elder Scrolls and WoW, I expect an ending but if this is what I can expect at the end of all jRPG's then honestly I dont want to play them. I was looking at buying Xenoblade Chronicles, I hear its amazing, and trying out Final Fantasy 10 "HD" and Dragon Quest 9 which I have for DS. Really, I dont wany to play any of them. I dont want to play any jRPG until I know that this bullshit is over. It even puts me of games that are close to jRPG's like The Last Story since im not sure what traditions they carry forward.

Sorry to jRPG lovers, Ive been unsold on this entire genre.

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You are referring to the last story boss? If so, you hardly have to be max level to win, I was not. It just requies a good paradigm set up and effective use of it. In general though I agree with you, all JRPGs having multi-tiered boss fight has gotten on my nerves. It needs to stop.

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

You are referring to the last story boss? If so, you hardly have to be max level to win, I was not. It just requies a good paradigm set up and effective use of it. In general though I agree with you, all JRPGs having multi-tiered boss fight has gotten on my nerves. It needs to stop.

Ive started just using guides online which all offer diffrent lists of paradigm's and ways to fight. The last one suggested, among other things, bringing three healers (specifically Lightning, Hope and Vanille). I got hit with an attack that took my party's health (from a good 95/100%) to about 5/10%. I busted out my triple healer paradigm but before I could heal I got hit with the no-magic debuff on everyone. Hope and Vanille died from poision but Lightning (who for some reason had 75% health) just slowly bled to death unable to heal herself. I didnt even bother using my limited supplies of anti-posion because I was getting slapped in the face for 1/3 of my health. I revved myself up to fight it again only to watch my characters slowly bleed to death.

Id considering snapping the disk, though ive never done it before, but I borrowed it from a friend who loves FF13. I only played up to Ch.11 because they loved it so much and wanted to give it the best shot in the world, when I got to Chapter.11 I had invested 45/50 hours so I thought I may as well finish it. Unless I get through this soon I dont think ill ever finish this game.

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

You are referring to the last story boss?

And yes its that boss. I have to kill 3 bosses (A dude and then 2 forms of the actual boss) and im stuck at the first part of the actual boss right now.

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use poison, watch as the boss' health quickly disappears, heal your party when necessary.

It's cheap, but he's a cheap boss, so it's ok.

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@Pazy: The longer the fight drags on, the harder it gets, you need to kill him in your second stagger or he becomes too powerful. The longer you stay in this battle, the more chance that death will be cast on you. You are probably not being aggressive enough.

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As long as you have death protect on your leader honestly...nothing should be an issue. Dude goes down like a sack of puppies in a river. I didn't nearly have a fully leveled party and clobbered him.

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Are you talking about Doom? It's to make sure you don't use a cheap healing tactic and keep on attacking.
Anyway, all I can say is that it's supposed to be an easy, casual game and that you shouldn't die unless you're doing something seriously wrong. I've seen a fair share of people on the XIII board who whine about the game being too hard and it's usually because they kept banging their heads against the wall with a messed up setup that would never work. I mean, what did they expect, Kingdoms of Amalur? So maybe you should have a word with Albert Einstein about insanity.

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I actually still find random battles more annoying, though this is a close second

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@Grissefar: Final Fantasy XIII isn't the most challenging game in the genre, but I wouldn't call it casual. Thought does need to be put into the party and paradigm set-ups, those Eidolon battles can be roadblocks until you figure out the key to each one, and the game can really punish you for making the wrong move, even when fighting normal enemy encounters in the field.

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The post was meant more about instant death, though multi-tiered boss battles and parts where it can block your healers healing are all equally annoying. The boss fight im currently still fighting is just an example of where jRPG design gets really annoying for me.

Im glad you have all found your particular strategies to work but ive tried working at it myself for 3+ hours then copying every suggestion I can find for character and paradigm setups for about a total of 7/8 hours. In that time I could have played another game to enjoyment, ive been waiting to play the ME2 DLC for the past 3 weeks playing FF13 instead, but instead I have to suffer through 10 minutes of the exact same fight only to die in half a second with no way to control it. I would rather be playing a brand new game than bashing my head against the same content of this game but after 60 hours I feel like I have earned whatever lackluster ending gets thrown at me.

I dont expect an easy ending but when I invest 60+ hours into a game and grind as far as the game will let me (and death resist my leader to the best of my ability) I dont expect to be killed on a whim. Nothing im being tested on is skill, I need to copy a strategy online and then get a random succession of blind luck.

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Ok here's some quick tips: Use buffs and debuffs, use ravagers to stagger and commando to keep the stagger going and don't use sentinel.
And if I remember correctly, death only happens if you don't cure poison. Or that could be Persona. Anyway, buffs and debuffs are worth 40% so be sure to use them and get rid of them.

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