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    International Superstar Soccer '98

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 04, 1998

    ISS '98 was released before the start of FIFA World Cup in June 1998 as the second installment of the International Superstar Soccer series. It featured many new motion captured animations, additional camera angles, new teams and an extended player creation kit.

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    Generally, 52 different teams are available in the different game modes. Unfortunately Konami did not aquire an official license for ISS '98; so consequently the players are not presented with their original but fictional names, which are very similar to their real counterparts. The following teams are listed in the selection screen;

    Game Modes

    Open Game

    Pick a team and challenge either the AI or other human players in an exhibition game. The rules of the match are customisable; it's possible to choose one of 9 stadiums, the number of players/team and their motivational status as well as goalkeeper skill levels. Additionally weather (clear/rainy/snow), daytime and pitch conditions can also be adjusted.

    International Cup

    Play through a fictional tournament with a selected team against other CPU-controlled teams. After finishing a qualification phase and successful advancement to the International Cup group stage, your team will be one of the 32 competitors fighting for the International World Cup title.

    World League

    Play against other teams to see how well you can do against AI controlled opponents. Try to win the World League.

    Penalty Kicks

    This mode simluates simple Penalty Shootouts; in alternate succession, players try to score penalties or prevent the opponent from scoring by controlling the goalkeeper.


    Take part in 14 preset scenarios that challenge you to oppose all odds and beat the computer from a set situation.


    Select 'Free Training' to take to an empty pitch with your selected team and practice unopposed set plays and runs. 'Free Kick Training' and 'Corner Kick Training' can be chosen to practice dead-ball situations. Select 'Keeper Training' to use your defence to prevent to opposition from scoring.


    In the Options menu it is possible to change various settings, as for example playing time in 'Open Games', set the referee, who judges your matches or whether the matches ending in draws are settled in a "Golden Goal" or standard "Extra Time". Furthermore, an implemented player editor allows creation of up to 60 custom players and subsequent registration to target teams; it's also no problem to change names & numbers of players to their real life counterparts with the editor.


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