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    Interplay Entertainment Corp.

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    Interplay is a developing studio famous for creating the Fallout and Freespace franchises.

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    Made up former employess of the game studio Boone Corporation Brian Fargo, Jay Patel, Troy Worrell, Bill Heineman and others. Interplay Entertainment Corp's full birthname in 1983 was Interplay Productions, Inc., based in southern California. In the early 80s, Interplay created a name for itself primarily due to The Bard's Tale franchise. Later stand-alone releases found equally high success and critical acclaim and Interplay's turnout in until 1993 included games such as Battle Chess, Wasteland, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Star Trek Judgment Rites as well as an ever-growing array of conversions and ports for The Bard's Tale games. As a publisher, Interplay had a fruitful collaboration with French game studio Delphine Software, of whom Interplay published games such as Future Wars, Out of This World and Cruise for a Corpse.

    Interplay went on to create and publish more successful original and licensed game franchises, which included many Star Trek games of many different genres as well as the classic Baldur's Gate franchise. Furthermore, Interplay's original franchises include the Fallout series and Freespace.

    Interplay faced growing financial troubles and limited success as the new millennium went on and despite critical acclaim, many of their published games, such as Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Sacrifice and Freespace 2 did not sell too well. Interplay's own ambitions as game developer decreased dramatically and their later years (from 2001 onwards) were primarily dedicated to the extension and maintenance of the Fallout franchise.

    Titus Interactive gained the majority control of Interplay in 2001 which resulted in Brian Fargo leaving Interplay for good, who founded new company InXile Entertainment in 2003. InXile acquired the rights to Wasteland and ever since rumors have been circulating related to a re-birth and continuation of the franchise that inspired Fallout in the first place. However, Titus Interactive struggled with financial difficulties as well and Interplay was briefly shut down in 2004 and filed for bankruptcy in 2005.

    Interplay re-injected financial flexibility and substance into itself by selling the Fallout IP to Bethesda Softworks in 2007.

    Lawsuit and Fallout MMO

    Recently, Bethesda Softworks sued Interplay Entertainment and asked them to stop selling the Fallout trilogy and to cease work and send any work completed on the upcoming Fallout MMO, codenamed "Project V13".

    The court ruled in Interplay's favor and allowed them the permission to continue selling the Fallout trilogy and to continue development on the "Project V13" MMO.

    On January 1, 2012, it was announced that the Fallout MMO has been cancelled as part of a legal settlement between Zenimax and Interplay. Interplay will also relinquish the remaining rights to the Fallout brand in December of 2013.


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