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Interrogator James Vishas, better known as Interrogator Vishas, is a level 32 human found inside of the Scarlet Monastery. He is one of the few mobs there that have a backstory in the game, but for a seasoned player he poses no real threat.


Vishas is a cruel man, known for being quite the sadist but also for his high pitched voice.  In World of Warcraft, he has been interrogating a man by the name of Vorrel Sengutz. He took this man's wedding ring and gave it to his own wife, Nancy. Grandpa Vishas, who might be the grandfather or father of James, lives with Nancy in a small cottage on the Alterac side of Lordamere Lake.


  • Immolate - A fire DoT (Damage over Time) effect that can be applied to his target by melee attacks.
  • Shadow Word: Pain - A DoT effect.


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