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    Interstate '82

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 31, 1999

    More car shooting mayhem in this sequel to Interstate '76

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    Sequel to the first Interstate '76 game. More driving action with armed cars. Interstate '82 is set in an alternate Mad Max world where car gangs are roaming the tarmac of America, causing trouble for the citizens and law and order is a thing of the past. In this game you take on the role of Taurus. Your long-time partner, Groove Champion, is missing and it's up to you to keep him from becoming a skidmark in the mother of all wars on wheels.  Wage fully charged vehicular combat as you strive to uncover and destroy top secret forces before they drive you, and the entire country, to the brink. Like in Interstate '76 the story is told through pre-rendered cutscenes and occasional mid-mission radio chatter. The most significant change lets you leave your vehicle to run, switch cars legitimately, or car-jack someone else's wheels, much like GTA.  Of course, you're an easy target once you're on foot, and your pistol isn't very effective against a heavily armored car. Vehicular mayhem is still the name of the game, as you customize 15 cars from the 1980s. Each car has a different configuration of empty slots that let you add additional armor and weapons. Naturally, larger cars can accommodate larger weapons, like turreted machine guns. More than 40 missions guarantee program life. Upgrading vehicles between missions is done by using cash earned from salvaging enemy cars, and the option to keep car-jacked vehicles allows a choice of which set of wheels you take into the next mission. As an arcade-style shooter, Interstate '82 requires 3D acceleration. There is a full '80s soundtrack. The graphics hold up well and some spot effects, like the reflections on the water and the streaks of rain splashing on the windscreen show-off the latest graphical trickery. The desert, while admittedly sparse, is atmospheric and the small towns you travel through are well designed for street battles. Multiplayer is quite nicely implemented with fourteen smaller areas, including a fantastic golf course level, and sixty-two selectable cars to battle with and each car can be customized right down to the paint job.
    Uncut Version:  
    Although the game is rated Teen, inside the audio section of the main game are uncensored files for the voice acting, including much more coarse language. This would have easily given the game a Mature rating.


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