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    InuYasha: Feudal Combat

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 27, 2007

    A cel-shaded team based fighting game featuring characters from the popular manga and TV show.

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    Inuyasha's chapter

    Inuyasha and Kagome got into a fight with Koga, who attempts to flirt with the latter. After defeating him, Naraku's wind incarnation, Kagura arrives and steals Koga's jewel shards. The two pursue her.
    However, Miroku gets in Inuyasha's way because it's the night of the full moon and that, he will turn into a human. He defeats him and runs off.
    Inuyasha and Kagome encounter Kagura and Kohaku. They defeat them and Inuyasha goes to where Kikyo is. By the time he got there, he is in human form, but defeats Kikyo.
    Upon going to Naraku's castle, Sesshomaru got there first. Inuyasha, along with Kagome, defeats him. They also defeated Naraku.
    In a tree, Inuyasha and Kagome are relaxing.

    Miroku and Sango's chapter

    Miroku and Sango are watching Inuyasha and Koga fighting over Kagome. The former decided to let them do it. However, when Koga insults Inuyasha that he's like Miroku, the latter is angered of being insulted and prepares to attack Inuyasha and Koga.
    While ordering them to stop fighting, Miroku touches Sango's butt, angering her and slaps him. Kagome is also angered by that act and Miroku explains to the two girls that the Wind Tunnel curse will consume him if he doesn't find a woman to bear his child. However, the two defeat him and Miroku apologizes.
    In the night, they encounter Kagura and Kohaku. They successfully defeat him and see Sesshomaru trying to fight with Kohaku. After defeating him, they fight Naraku and defeat him.
    Upon defeating Naraku, the Wind Tunnel curse disappears and Miroku and Sango still go on a journey to save Kohaku.

    Sesshomaru's chapter

    Sesshomaru takes on a dragon and defeats it. However, Koga arrives and Sesshomaru tells him that he will not be bothered by insignificant demons like him, angering the former. Sesshomaru defeats him.
    In the night, Sesshomaru gets into a fight with Kikyo, who tells him that Naraku is planning to absorb his demonic power. He defeats her and gloats that he will not be defeated by a mere human priestess.
    By the time he goes to Naraku's castle, Sesshomaru sees Kagura, who suggests to team up with her in order to defeat Naraku. When he saw that, Naraku plans on having her absorb into his body.
    After defeating Naraku, Inuyasha and Kagome arrive to see what Sesshomaru has done. The latter has decided to fight the former to find out the reason why did their father hand over the Tetseiga to him. Unfortunately, when the sword is away from Inuyasha, he goes berserk, but Sesshomaru defeats him. When Kagome asks him if he's gonna kill Inuyasha, Sesshomaru replies that there is no point to that, but leaves a warning that if there is a problem like that again, he will kill him.
    In the mountains, Sesshomaru know understands why did his father gave the Tetseiga to Inuyasha.

    Shippo's chapter

    Shippo takes on Inuyasha, Koga, and Sesshomaru in his storyline. In the end, it is revealed that it was all a dream.

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