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    A new gametype in Halo: Reach. the objective of the game is for the attacking elites to breach security and steal a precious data core while the spartans try to shut them out.

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    Invasion is arguably the biggest addition to Halo: Reach's multiplayer. The gametype is exclusive to the new map Boneyard, notably the largest multiplayer space in the Halo series ever. Elites spawn on offense, and Spartans will spawn on defense. The gametype is designed for six on six play. The match proceeds in set phases, each phase allowing players to get a series on escalating vehicle drops, weapon drops, and spawning loadouts. In Boneyard, the first phase requires Elites to storm a dry docked UNSC frigate and capture one of two locations within the ship, much like the classic game type Territories. It is the Spartan teams job to prevent the Elites capturing a point, therefore shutting them out for a certain amount of time. If the Elites succeed, the second phase begins and Elites must now assault the Refinery, they again must capture one of two locations with in this section of the map, and again the Spartans must attempt to shut them out for a specific amount of time. If the Elites succeed again a data core is released and now the game very much resembles the one flag variant of the capture the flag game type. The Elites must carry the data core from its resting place to a newly arrived Phantom sitting at the cliffs edge at the very beginning of the map, again its the Spartans job to prevent this happening at all costs.

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