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    Investigation Team

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    Group of persona-users that are trying to solve the mysterious murders occurring in the rural town of Inaba. It can be classified as the equivalent of SEES in Persona 3.

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    Though it is not its official name, the term appears in the main characters' Fool Social Link data. The Investigation Team was founded when a group of students accidentally went in the Midnight Channel and discovered the power of their " Personae." It was then unofficially formed when they decided to solve the mystery behind the murders in Inaba and the very existence of the Midnight Channel as well. Eventually, they gain members as the story progresses. Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka are the co-founders of the Investigation Team, with Yu Narukami as its leader.


    • Yu Narukami - Second year transfer student, Class 2-2. Co-founder, strategist and team leader; joins 4/17/11.
    • Yosuke Hanamura - Second year student, Class 2-2 and Junes worker. Co-founder, second-in-command; joins 4/17/11.
    • Chie Satonaka - Second year student, Class 2-2 and martial arts expert. Co-founder; joins 4/17/11.
    • Yukiko Amagi - Second year student, Class 2-2 and Amagi Inn manager. Heal/support specialist; joins 4/30/11.
    • Kanji Tatsumi - First year student and Biker Gang Exterminator. Joins 6/6/11.
    • Rise Kujikawa - First year student and pop sensation. Oversees support and weather analyst; joins 7/10/11.
    • Teddie - Shadow, resident of the Midnight Channel. Temporary support specialist; joins 7/10/11.
    • Naoto Shirogane - First year student and well-known detective. Investigation specialist; joins 10/6/11.

    Unofficial Members

    • Fox - Animal with mysterious healing leaves. Lends support to Investigation Team by restoring SP for a fee. Joins 5/5/11.

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