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The heir of the Yagami clan, and the rival of Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami. He first made his debut in SNK's long running series, The King of Fighters '95, and since then, he has appeared in every other King of Fighters games and other non King of Fighters games, such as SNK Vs Capcom.


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Iori is the heir of the third clan that seal an ancient demons, Orochi, with the uses of ancient artifacts. Three clans are the Kusanagi clan, Yata clan, and the Yasakani clan, (Which is now known as the Yagami clan). They're famous for having the ability to weld psychokinetic powers.

In the ancient history before the King of Fighters series takes place, the seal of Orochi begins to weaken. The three clans begin to move to another location in hope to strengthen the seal again. One day a member of the Hakkesshu, followers of Orochi and hopes to have the three clans to turn against each other, killed the leader of the Yasakani's wife. Under a disguise, that person approached the head of the Yasakani clan and tells him that the Kusanagi was responsible for the murder. And further explains that the reason why for the murder was because for letting the Orochi seal weaken. Angered by the news, the Yasakani clan made a pact with Orochi and renamed themselves, the Yagami clan.  The newly named Yagami clan, had nothing but bad blood for the Kusanagi clan.

But the blood pact with Orochi came with a curse, the woman of the Yagami clan will die at the brith of the first child, and the men will die young. Iori also suffers from a terrible berserk state that can overcome him either when Orochi is near or a significant amount of his power is in use nearby. Entering this berserk state causes Iori to lose all sense of reason and savagely attack both friends and enemies alike.

Iori has made it his personal mission to kill his rival, Kyo Kusanagi, on many occassions though he ends up working together with both Kyo and Chizuru Kagura as a part of the Three Sacred Treasures team. In KOF IX Iori loses himself to the Orochi blood curse and attacks his teammates Kyo and Shingo Yabuki

Iori's current status is unknown, however like Chizuru before him, his powers have been stolen by the mysterious Ash Crimson. It is not know if as a result of this Iori will retire from the Three Sacred Treasures team for the next tournament or if he'll continue fighting despite his handicap.

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