Have a iDevice? Get these games!

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So here is a list of some apps you iDevice owners should get!

Bad Piggies (The wiki isn't up to date, I will update it later)

That piggy is too happy...
That piggy is too happy...

So this game is a spin off of the Angry Bird's series. This game you, the player, are the pigs. You create "vehicles" to transport your piggy to the end. So for you duders who enjoy building/construction games, this game is for you! The iPad version is a bit pricey at $2.99, but for iPhone or iPods, it will be $0.99.

The game kept me occupied for quite a while. So go get this game!

Clash of Clans (This wiki is really not updated)

App store link

Why is he so angry?
Why is he so angry?

So this game is actually really fun. The game is free. So basically what you do is create a village, you construct defenses, such as walls, cannons, archer towers, and so on, to defend your town. You also create barracks, army camps, laboratory and so on to train troops. With these troops you raid other villages to steal their elixir and gold. But what is really fun about this game is the ability to create clans. You can either create one or join one. As a clan you can share troops to help aid you in battle, or defend your village. The attacking in the game isn't "real" time. Players can only raid you, when you're offline. So you must plan ahead and place defenses where needed. Its free so go give it a try! Also if enough people like this game I might make a GiantBomb Clan :D

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (This wiki almost has no game-play information!)

App store link

Look at that beauty...
Look at that beauty...

So this game is free for a limited time. Which means GET IT NOW. So you're basically a spider. You're in this manor and I guess you're suppose to find out what happened to the family through out the levels. to pass a level you must capture and eat a certain amount of insects. This game is amazing. I enjoy the art style of the game. The world is also interactive. See the light bulb up there ^. Well I turned that on by tossing my spider at it, there's also buttons around the levels. This game even has co-op! There's two spider on the screen, you and a friend each control a spider. I would highly recommend this game.

Eufloria (A nice wiki)

App store link

This game is a bit more known, but for those who do not know... GET THIS GAME. There's a quick look on it so you can check that out (not sure if it's the same for iOS) . This game is great for any type of gamer. It also has a awesome sound track. I'm not sure what else I can say about this game... Well check out the wiki. It explains a bit.

So that's 4 apps :D. Anyways these are some great games and you duders should check them out!

-SexyToad the sexiest.

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Where's Jetpack Joyride, Nyan Cat: Lost In Space and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery?

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@awesomeusername: I was going for apps that aren't very known. I could have added those plus infinity blade 1 and 2, Angry birds, cut the rope, and so on. But these are games I'm into right now.

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@Atramentous said:

I would just like to pint out that "The War of Eustrath" should be on everyones IOS device.

I'll check that out soon!

@Breadfan said:


Argh! I should have added that one!

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