Must Have Apps?

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This should probably belong on Endgadge but I'm curious what the Giantbomb community think are the better apps? 
Plants vs Zombies runs pretty well on this btw lol

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#2 Posted by bhhawks78 (1328 posts) -

The receipt to get your money back.

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#3 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1740 posts) -

How about the Sam and Max game?

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#4 Posted by Jeff (5579 posts) -

Sounds like the framerate on Sam & Max is kind of assy.

I got Geometry Wars: Touch. It's not terrific, since it's a much better game when you have proper analog sticks, but at least it looks pretty nice.

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#5 Posted by JJWeatherman (14929 posts) -
You should check out They have some quick looks up for a few of the more popular games. Also, people on the forums there are likely to be more informed on the subject.
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#6 Posted by Venatio (4724 posts) -

I'd say Mirror's Edge, the gameplay itself looks simplistic but it's pretty lengthy for and iPad game and looks nice
Tested has a QL up of it

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#7 Posted by jkz (4169 posts) -

I'm assuming if you're here, you're curious more about games than productivity or other media apps. I think there are far fewer "must-have" games, but in my mind it's really flight-control HD for a fun, quick-play game, you already have PvZ, and Mirror's Edge, so long as the price isn't too much. 
There's obviously apps like Pages, Reuters, BBC, Epicurious, IMDB, Pandora, Kindle, Netflix, Shazam, Wikipanion, Npr, and others, most of which are free or 99 cents and are totally needed, but you'd be better served at Endgadget or Gizmodo for those (although you seem aware of that). 
Also, be prepared for a lot of iPad bashing since, well, most people here aren't that into tech, or if they are, are discussing it on tech-sites.

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#8 Posted by Carlos (508 posts) -

Some games that I like for the Ipad are Uno, Scrabble, We Rule(for those who like stuff like Farmville) Espgaluda2(iphone/ipod touch game that works great and looks ok on ipad) and for racing NFS Shift is not bad at all. Other cool apps are Beatwave if you like to make fun music, sketchbook pro and ArtStudio are awesome for drawing and sketching :D

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@Venatio said:

" I'd say Mirror's Edge, the gameplay itself looks simplistic but it's pretty lengthy for and iPad game and looks nice  Tested has a QL up of it "

I agree Mirror's Edge is my favorite game for the ipad, check out the wiki.  The controls work super well, and it has a great sence of speed.   It's also my favorite game to show people who want to play with my ipad.  (Or don't believe their could be good games on it.) 
I also want to say that the IMDB app is awesome.  I think it's free and a must have.  
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Showing Plants vs. Zombies HD to some of my coworkers has convinced them of the iPad's worth as a gaming device. I haven't tried out any of the FPS or driving games yet, but I have downloaded Dungeon Hunter HD. It is basically an up-rezzed version of the iPhone game, but that extra screen real estate and enhanced graphics makes a big difference. It's basically a Diablo/Torchlight dungeon crawl, and it's lots of fun. I recommend switching the controls in the options to "touch" instead of using the on-screen joystick. That way you just tap everything like you would mouse click everything on a PC.
 I really wish they would have taken some extra time and developed a totally new control scheme for Geometry Wars. It seems like with the multi-touch interface they could have come up with something better than an on-screen control pad.

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