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I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread that could be the go-to place for talking about your favorite games, finding new games that others like, or sharing info for playing multiplayer games.  
Here's a screenshot of all the games I have currently on my phone. 

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My top 3 favorites: 
1. Oribital 
- A really fun and addictive game with great music and aesthetic. A real challenge, with multiple game modes with different styles of play. I don't see many people talking about it either so I always mention it when people ask me about good games for the iPhone. 
2. Plants vs. Zombies 
- Admittedly, I don't play this as much as I used to since I beat it, but it's still one of the best "tower defense" games out there for the iPhone, with a great visual style. A little pricey, but you'll put in lots of time. 
3. Shibuya (right now) 
- This game came out during PAX and was on sale during that weekend so I decided to pick it up when I saw people tweeting about it. It's quite addictive but can get really challenging (and frustrating) especially at the higher difficulty levels. One of those games were it takes a while to really "get it", and feel like you know what you're doing.
Please no spamming of "iPhone sucks" or "mobile games aren't real games" posts. If you feel the urge to do that, no one likes you.
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shibuya and angry birds are probably the only games i regularly play on my iphone.... 
street fighter 4 is also alright on the iphone... not as complex as the console versions but a fun little time waster

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Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is on sale for $0.99 right now.

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Tilt to Live is so damn fun, 10 million points in classic alone and I still cant stop playing. I MUST GET TO 15 MILLION!
OF Course #1 on the leaderboards is some dude with like 500 million, which must be unlegit because after 20 million theres no way its humanly possible to win at that game.

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@Origina1Penguin said:
" Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is on sale for $0.99 right now. "
Whoa!  Thanks for the heads up.  A million thanks, duder! I've been thinking about it, as Tim Schafer has been constantly posting about it on Twitter. 
My favorites I'm gonna have to go with are Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump (I know everyone likes it, but it's so goddamned fun), and, though it's not really a game, Akinator.
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I recently acquired an iPod Touch 4th Gen, and have been pleasantly surprised at how fun some of the games are. My collection consists of the following:
Paid Downloads
Angry Birds
Broken Sword Director's Cut
Flight Control
Mega Worm
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition
Puzzle Agent
Free Downloads
Flood-It! 2
Grav Runner
Mr Runner
Paper Toss
Sushi Cat
Virtual Table Tennis
On a semi-related note, I was wondering if anyone who has Broken Sword is experiencing the same problem as I am. I've completed the first section as Nico and am now at the first section as George (the cafe bombing). When I try and save my game at the cafe scene, I'm booted back to the iPod Touch menu and am forced to reload my last game at the end of the Nico section. I've tried turning the iPod off and back on and re-synching the app, both to no avail. I had no problems saving the game up until this point. Any info much appreciated.

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Dark Nebula 2 
Fantastic little game, and its only 99 cents.

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@Origina1Penguin said:
" Monkey Island 2: Special Edition is on sale for $0.99 right now. "
I love you for pointing this out. I just spend 2$ for two awesome-ass games. 
The iPhone game I'm most addicted to would be Super Mega Worm, because holy shit something about it is just really addictive, and taps into somethin' primal. 
Also if you haven't, check out Super HookShot, that game's really neat. Kinda like a Bionic Commando without any of the shooting or fighting.  
And as a bonus, since this is also an iPhone game, I've been playing a lot of Puzzle Agent on the iPad, so awesome for people into Layton games, or just puzzle/adventures in general.
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Dominion - A sort of Risk game that can be played in Classic style, or with objectives and bonuses. 
Rimelands, Hammer of Thor: Turn-based rpg. Only one character, but it's possible to level up class powers for a fighter, thief, or rogue.

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 just saw a video of Super Mega Worm, looks hilarious. 

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