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    Iria Animi

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    The heroine of Tales of Innocence.

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    Iria is invested with a frontier spirit due to her upbringing on the fringe of civilization. She's also short-tempered and occasionally unsure of her own feelings, especially towards Ruca who she meets during the game's opening. She is currently travelling the world to escape the antagonistic forces pursuing her, due to her status as an Avatar. She is accompanied by a creature named Coda, who resembles a monkey. Coda can speak, but rarely about anything that isn't related to his hunger for food.

    In battle, Iria favors water and healing magic and her dual pistols, which are able to chain together fast combos from a distance. She is ideally suited to stay as far away from the front line as possible.

    In her former life, she was Inanna, a high-ranking Ratio noblewoman and the lover of Asura. This relationship is what sparks the early interest Ruca and Iria have for one another, but Iria is troubled by memories that suggest Inanna was not as pure-hearted as she seemed.


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