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    Iris Hawthorne

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    Kind and trusting, Iris Hawthorne, the twin sister of Dahlia, is often forced to be a pawn in her sister's wrongdoing.

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    Iris Hawthorne is the twin sister of Dahlia Hawthorne. She and her sister left with their father when he chose to leave Kurain Village behind due to his poor status. The father was previously with Morgan Fey (mother of Pearl Fey). Shortly afterwards, Iris was betrayed by Dahlia and left behind at a temple so that Dahlia could avoid having her as competition. Despite that, Iris remained loyal to her sister. Many years later, she pretended to be Dahlia in order to stay close to Phoenix Wright, because her sister could not be bothered to. Dahlia asked her to do this so that she can get back the bottle necklace she had left with Phoenix Wright which actually contained crucial evidence against her. Although Iris was putting on a charade, Iris came to care very much for Phoenix during the six months she was pretending to be her sister. She would endearingly refer to him as "Feenie".


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