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    Iroha is one of the main characters in Samurai Shodown VI. She is a crane who transformed into a maid.

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    Iroha first appeared in Samurai Shodown VI as a playable character. Her name is derived from the Heian poem Iroha, which is a pangram used for learning the hiragana syllabary. She fights using a pair of butterfly swords, and uses speed for a close-ranged attack style.


    Iroha is a crane, a type of bird, that is nursed to health by a kindly man after her leg is injured. To repay the man's kindness, she transforms herself into a human woman and enters the man's service as his maid. She serves her master with the utmost devotion and wishes for his happiness above everything else. Her master is never shown on screen but Iroha addresses the player before and after her fights in a way that suggests that the player is her master.

    Other Appearances

    Iroha received her own mobile game in Japan called Maid by Iroha. She has made other appearances in mobile games such as the dating sim Days of Memories: Oedo Love Scroll. Iroha also appears as a playable character in Queens Gate: Spiral Chaos, a branch of the Lost Worlds series. On the Nintendo DS, she is represented in card form in Card Fighters DS.


    • Birthdate: Unknown
    • Birthplace: Osshu (Mutsu Province), Urushiyama
    • Blood Type: She won't tell
    • Height: 160cm
    • Weight: She won't tell
    • Measurement: B91-W59-H85
    • Family: None
    • Occupation: Maid to her "master"
    • Likes: River snails, Dojo loach
    • Dislikes: Hunting, Rifles, Bear Traps
    • Skills: House work (cooking, cleaning, etc.)

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