So I just got the Martian Bear DLC! Whos game?

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#1 Posted by Rekt_Hed (955 posts) -

Im on the XBOX360 version gamertag - 'RektHed'

Playing the DLC solo is fuckin good damn tough. Im level 11 but happy to play with whoever. Id like to tackle either the story or survival, what ever duders are game for.

Please send a request CHARS!

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#2 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

@Rekt_Hed: I'm afraid you won't find much luck, that is a rather old piece of DLC. Not counting the fact that right now there are way more important video games coming out, you should wait until there is a lull.

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#3 Posted by Rekt_Hed (955 posts) -

@Hizang: Yeh I know I think I'm in the minority right now but I love going back to old games for a break from all the new releases. Iron Brigade and Burnout make for nice change of pace from Borderlands 2 which eats all my spare time without mercy.

Wish I was but cant seem to get excited for AC3, After seeing the Quicklook for Most Wanted I decided to save myself money and get the rest of the achievements for Burnout Paradise (XBOX is the only version I haven't 100%ed) and most other titles just ain't doing it for me.

I SWEAR to god if we don't get new consoles at E3 I don't know how 2013 is gonna be any good at Dead Space 3 and GTA5 of course ;)

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#4 Posted by Enigma777 (6285 posts) -

I'm down. I bought it a while back but never played it. Hell I never got past the fist mission of the original game actually, so if you wanna do those as well... :)

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#5 Posted by kermoosh (919 posts) -

i only got past the first level of the dlc, i lost on the second level and stopped after one try, i would def want to finish it

gamertag: Spiltmilk21

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