Thoughts on Engineering Builds

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Mostly due to the fact that everyone seems to like the huge assault chassis,  I've decided to pretty much go all engy.  The problem I'm having is I don't  feel very useful on the field.  When its 3 assaults and me, they shred everything to bits before my turrets even make a dent.  Not to mention The fact that you only get 1/4 the scrap and it take a hell of a long time to get to some of the heavy turrets and to upgrade stuff. 
Anyone else thing the Engineer chassis are a little under-powered?    
NOTE: Its entirely possible that I'm playing them all wrong. 
 My current build is the Selker IV chassis with the advanced sprinter legs.  My turrets are Adv. machin gun, Adv. mortar, Adv. Snipe, and standard Flak.

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#2 Posted by StaticFalconar (4918 posts) -

I'm pretty sure if its played single player, turrents actually matter. Its just how multiplayer is, the best class for online use mainly assault with some minor turrents for support. 

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I also noticed that multiplayer does certainly sway towards the Assault Mechs. I managed to have some turret success with Mines placed at strategic locations (eg. closer towards the spawns in natural choke points). It certainly does help to thin the waves before they get in close enough to get shredded.

I'm sure we'll all figure out more interesting strategies as we get more familiar with the game (and get more impressive emplacement loot)

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