Trenched Multiplayer!

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#51 Posted by The_Grindilow (484 posts) -

I cannot wait for trenched TNT tonight

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#52 Posted by Henrikhoe (216 posts) -

Im from norway, im getting the game today/tomorrow, just waiting on my new credit card. 
gamer tag is virtua henrik, feel free to add me :)

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#53 Posted by Supes (45 posts) -


In Europe so need to wait for our update

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#54 Posted by Foil1212 (474 posts) -

Foil1212, homeboy!

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#55 Posted by hawkbass (7 posts) -

Gamertag:  Death Toll

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#56 Posted by Zajajaja (9 posts) -

GT: Zajajaja if anyones up for some trenchin

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#57 Posted by RafaelMei (360 posts) -

Hey duders, add me!

GT: MusouBR

I'm from Brazil so lag might happen =/

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#58 Posted by BlackIrish05 (401 posts) -

GT: BlackIrish05

Add me!

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#59 Posted by Upfish (52 posts) -

GT: Upfish

Totally up for some Trenched multiplayer.

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#60 Posted by Smacraigen (29 posts) -

Gamertag:  Crunchy20XX 
Totally downloaded this game based on the Giant Bomb coverage.  Love it.  Very interested to get into some online.

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#61 Posted by gutterkisser (269 posts) -
@RadecAU said:
GT: RadecAU  enjoyed the mp games I've had, but needs more Australians for cleaner connections  
I've been looking for fellow Australians playing this, the framerate stutter when it's laggy is maddening. 
GT: GutterKisser
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#62 Posted by StrainedEyes (1365 posts) -

GT: Geo7877

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#63 Posted by UberExplodey (1002 posts) -

GT: UberExplodey

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#64 Posted by solidchie (15 posts) -

downloading the game now

GT: annoyingkiller9

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#65 Posted by Henrikhoe (216 posts) -

Any scandinvaion people/europeans/people from the states want to play trenched this weekend :D hit me up: GT: Virtua Henrik

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#66 Posted by AimingWandersly (180 posts) -

GT: AimingWandersly. Played last night. It was awesomes.

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#67 Posted by karatetron (698 posts) -

Gamer tag: TrippinBungalow

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#68 Posted by DriveupLife (1174 posts) -

Add me! my gamertag is Gamehunterdx.

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#69 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1728 posts) -

Gamertag: Captain Felafel

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#70 Posted by Wes (270 posts) -

GT: Vegasaur

I've been trying to play the multi off and on, but it is always excruciatingly choppy.

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#71 Posted by Wikitoups (1297 posts) -


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#72 Posted by DarkHeroZark (180 posts) -

GT: Dark Hero Zark

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#73 Posted by bupkiss (14 posts) -
@SkullcrusherMountain:  Ha ha very true.  GT: ShawnShepard 
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#74 Posted by Chris2KLee (2402 posts) -

Looking for some dedicated Trench players to help Gold the last few missions. Gamertag is the same as my forum name: Chris2KLee

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#75 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

When this game gets released (yay Europe) I'm Mr Poopigiggles

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#76 Posted by AMxKaOtIcDeV (38 posts) -

GT: AMxKaOtIcDeV add me and invite im down for trenched whenever.

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#77 Edited by Kyle (2376 posts) -

tag: L9 Letters Long

Currently about 2/3 of the way through the game.

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#78 Posted by Driadon (3215 posts) -

Oh god, this game is scratching that Chromhounds/MechAssault itch I've had for a while.

Tag: Driadon

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#79 Posted by Coombs (3510 posts) -

Gamertag: xAAx Coombs 
I'm down for some GB Trench warfare

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#80 Posted by killerdud745 (55 posts) -

GT: Killerdud745 
I would love to have some fellow trenchers.

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#81 Posted by Consaw (267 posts) -

I enjoy trenches!

GT: consaw

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#82 Posted by EightBitShik (1496 posts) -

Quick add me and play with me right now Eight Bit Shik

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#83 Posted by Helimocopter (370 posts) -

Just bought it, feel free to add me 
gamertag: Big Man Stomp

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#84 Posted by Cynical_M (387 posts) -

Cynical M
I have yet to play any co-op...looking forward to it

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#85 Posted by Scotto (1306 posts) -

GT: Shakes McQueen

I've got all gold medals, so if you need help, I may be able to assist.

- Scott

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#86 Posted by yevinorion (749 posts) -

Just got this two days ago and loving it. Definitely down for some co-op action.

GT: Dirty Machete

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#87 Posted by halim51 (89 posts) -

GT: jaggerjaw

Feel free to add me.

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#88 Edited by louiedog (2390 posts) -

Feel free to add me. I've got Gold in the first two sections and just need a few in the Pacific. I'm up for playing any map, any time.  
GT: RavenouLou

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#89 Posted by jay_ray (1509 posts) -

GT: Jay Ray2, add me if you like, I'm lonely

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#90 Posted by nok (393 posts) -

Hey sorry to repost but loving this game and would really like to play with some fellow GB fans. GT El Choroizo

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#91 Edited by deactivated-57a1372cc3e61 (110 posts) -

I was so happy yesterday when I realized I had 20 bucks left in my bank account for some MS points to buy Trenched. I then realized that my Gold sub ran out a few days ago and now I'm too broke to renew it.  
EDIT: I got 3 months of  gold so feel free to add me. 
My GT is Kookro

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#92 Edited by mcwingstar (87 posts) -

Gamer Tag: Javo McWingstar

Oh yeah, I'm in Australia, so get on me locals.

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#93 Posted by nexas (644 posts) -

Gamertag: OverlordNexas

Just got the game last night and I'm having a blast. Unfortunately none of my friends seem all that interested in getting it.

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#94 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

I'm Trenching in Europe if anyone else nabbed a copy over here, GT is NeverDave

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#95 Posted by JohnZimmerman (249 posts) -

gamertag: ciotog

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#96 Edited by TJ311 (438 posts) -

is anyone else playing still?
GT: TJ311

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#97 Edited by JohnZimmerman (249 posts) -

I'm still trying to finish it off. 2 stages in the pacific to go. i got golds in most of Europe, silver in most of Africa and what I've done in the pacific. feel free to add me.

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#98 Edited by Morka (203 posts) -

Gamertag: Morka2k

Just got my Xbox today, and Trenched is the only game i have on it. Please add me, cause I dont have any friends :(

From Norway. Dont got a headset.

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#99 Posted by dachuckdawgg (2 posts) -

feel free to add me too

GT: DorianLuna

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#100 Posted by punisherkaos (342 posts) -

Just got this game last night was originally just gonna try the trial version than go to bed i ended up buying it and staying up till 5 am playing lol feel free to add me gt PUNISHER KAOS

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