Trial have online multiplayer?

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I wanna try the game out with a couple friends, but I know a lot of times the online multiplayer is locked in trials. That the case here?

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Guess I'll have to just try it tomorrow sometime.

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@MordeaniisChaos: It doesn't. I wanted to show my buddy some of the multiplayer earlier, because I think he'd enjoy it, but no dice. It's too bad really, because it really does seem like the game was intended to play with friends (much like Borderlands).

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@cinemandrew: Bummer. Most of my friends are thinking about picking it up, I simply have no money tanks to some shit that involved getting arrested for pulling my father off of my 13 year old brother and then getting kicked out. So, I was hoping to try it out and make sure it was enjoyable with the people I'd play with before spending even that much money on it. Oh well. Thanks for the info.

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