XBL Gold free weekend. Need help with gold achievements

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Hey all,

With the XBL Gold free weekend, I can finally play Trenched multiplayer without figuring out if I want to pay for live or not. However, everyone seems to keep playing the village map over and over.

Is anyone interested in working with me to go through the Northern Pylon/Africa/etc to get the gold medals?

I can get the pylon down in about 50s on my own thanks to Gugnir, but it just doesn't seem like I can kill the legs fast enough.

Also, for the first time ever, no one playing online on XBL seems to have a headset, so I can't ask people.

I guess I'll work through what I can for now, but if anyone is interested, my Gamertag is Ginno Ichijou

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I'm not sure if I'll be around to help this weekend, but I will give you some advice for the northern pylon. Do it alone after you get, and can use, two Mr. Pancakes and you have quick reload legs. Just dig in and fire. Ignore any tubes, they won't have time to do enough damage to kill you. I did that and took it down in something like 28 seconds. Aim for the tops of targets, even if you miss high you'll still do a ton of damage on each fire. You can probably do just as well with dual Princes or Kings, I just used Mr. Pancakes.
Feel free to add me, I'm RavenousLou. If you see me online just send an invite. I have all achievements and I'm willing to play any level.

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#3 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

Sure, feel free to add me. GT is NeverDave

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#4 Posted by Silver-Streak (1841 posts) -

Thanks to NeverDave for his help. Unfortunately connection issues cross-continents has made it difficult for us to play right now. Anyone else want to join up? I"m currently up to Sinkhole.

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Even bigger thanks to NeverDave for his help. Thanks to him, I have gotten all of the multiplayer achievements before the free weekend of XBL gold ended.

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