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Mech Combat and Tower Defense Make For a Thrilling Time 6

Trenched is the latest downloadable game from Double Fine Productions and differs greatly from their previous titles in one major way. While Double Fine’s previous forays into downloadable games have relied largely on their unique artistic direction and charm, Trenched manages to provide fun, frantic gameplay in addition to these elements. Providing players with a good length campaign that can be played through cooperatively, and a deep level of customization, Trenched is easily the best downloa...

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Join the MTB! 0

Now with Xbox Live Arcade is starting to become a real playground for developers that want cheap games to earn some extra income on bigger projects. Sometimes it is hit and miss and at times I do say."Well it is only 15 dollars why not." Trenched is not one of those games.   What makes this game great? It fills a niche. A truly interactive Tower defense. In most tower defense games you are forced you to first set up and hope for the best. Trenched makes you work and rework the battlefield. You a...

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I Haz a Mobilized Trench 1

Weeks before the official "Summer of Arcade" begins, Double Fine has released Trenched for Xbox Live Arcade. You may ask, What exactly is Trenched? Trenched is not only an outstanding (third person) mech game, it also adds elements from tower defense games as well as loot mechanics from a game such as Diablo.The game takes place in a World War I era. There is some silly story about how a "broadcast" which made two people (Frank Woodrof and Vladamir Farnsworth) very, very smart. Woodrof used his ...

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A Supreme Arcade Experience! 0

Trenched is a very refreshing game. It proves once again that you do not have to spend multi millions to make a fully featured game that has depth, replay value, and above all else, fun.As game production costs and values continually climb, many developers that find themselves in-between those mega corporations and the "2 guys in a garage" esque studios are beginning to shift their attention to the downloadable marketplace. Double Fine is one such developer that has produced 3 very recent and ve...

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Hut, two, three... 0

I’ve always appreciated Double Fine’s sense of humor and quick wit, but haven’t always felt like their games are necessarily fun to play. Trenched seemed like the kind of game that could challenge that preconception, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the game really is. Trenched rolls a lot of neat ideas together in a slick way, and is indeed a blast to play.Trenched is easily described as mech combat meets tower defense. The mechs you pilot control well and are fun to drive, and can be ...

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Best $15 I've spent on XBL yet 0

For only $15, this game is a complete steal. The gameplay is good, and the jump in multiplayer is awesome. The game does have some irritating moments, like when you can't actually get a map started because anyone in your group can walk over and switch maps, thus resetting the countdown timer. The menus for upgrading the weapons on your trench can be a little confusing, but once you figure out how they work, it does make sense. This game really shines when you get to the last few waves of each le...

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An Extra Fine outing from "Double Fine". 0

Double Fine is known for their superb atmosphere and writing in their games. Recently delving into Downloadable games, Their latest release is an XBLA exclusive third person mech shooter/ tower defense hybrid with plenty of atmosphere and writing. Trenched may not be as outright funny as past Double Fine releases such as Costume Quest and Stacking, but It makes up for it with superb atmosphere and more gameplay depth than most games by Double Fine.     Trenched starts out with two injured WW1 ...

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Its still Trenched to me. 0

Iron Brigade reviewed by Doc D StrangeStory/GameplayFireworks!!!A fictional take on WW1, Frank Woodruff and Vladamir Farnsworth were good friends turned into mortal enemies when a mysterious signal came through there radio called the "broadcast" changing there lives forever. Frank became paralyzed from the neck down from the broadcast. While Vlad went nutty and created these monsters called the "Tubes" to enslave the world and spread the glorious sounds of the broadcast. To counter act the villa...

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Drenched in Trenched 0

Double Fine took a chance to dive into the downloadable game market last year and I must say I am glad they did. Trenched was always a curious game for me when I first heard about it. It was not totally obvious what the game was from the amounts of coverage I had personally seen. Once I truly looked at the game itself I realized how much I wanted to dig in.I have been a tower defense fan for a while. Games like Desktop Tower Defense, Plants vs. Zombies, and Star Defense were all experiences that...

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I really want a sequel called Drenched. Please? 0

Men, get ready to fight some Tubes!AND SALUTE! Sa-ssss-sa-saaa-salu-salute! Bad analogies aside, this game has been a bad ass ride.It's WWI, and two codebreakers, Frank Woodruff and Vladamir Farnsworth, receive a broadcast that causes them to become super intelligent. Frank, who lost his legs during a battle, goes out and builds veteran focused robot legs, and Vlad invents television and coincidentally mobile televisions to lay cables across the world to network the entire planet.Frank has disco...

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Brilliant Co-op Fun 0

Rise of the Martian Bear is one of the funniest experiences money can buy. For $5 on Xbox (or included on PC) you will get a difficult, but fun, set of missions, as long as one of the main campaigns in the game. Even with a little grinding after beating the main game, the DLC is quite a step up in difficulty, but the new loot does a good job of evening the playing field. You'll still want to play in co-op, since it's much harder than the main game solo. The final boss was quite difficult, but dr...

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Triple H says "GET TRENCHED THIS SUMMER!!!!" 0

Trenched is a multiplayer focused tower defense third person shooter mash-up from Double Fine. The game is very original and has a few simple concepts which it blends very well. However, the game has immense depth and has loot, experience points, item drops, and custom paint jobs. This game is a romping good time and is one of the best arcade releases this year and maybe one of the best I've seen in a while.  The game is about two codebreakers who receive a broadcast that renders them super inte...

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Great Game 0

This is one of the best Xbox live arcade games of all time I really enjoy playing it, The third person shooter, tower defense, and loot combine to make this range up with shadow complex to me. If you want to get something that is worth more than what you will pay get this game....

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The Few. The Proud. The Mobile Trench Brigade. 0

Trenched is a game unlike any that's been released recently.  That's because it takes so many elements from so many different games and genres that the stew that emerges from this video game broth pot is one that manages to be delicious, almost surprisingly so.  It isn't without its faults, and for all the replayability in its campaign, Trenched still feels a little light in the metal loafers, but fans of Double Fine or those with a penchant for cooperative play should definitely check out this ...

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A Double Fine game that is actually fun to play 0

I love Double Fine games. They all have a unique feel, are funny, look great and are very charming, but when it comes to actually playing them... it's usually not very good. Cue Iron Brigade. This game gets it. The gameplay is absolutely amazing. Double Fine basically took a pretty worn out concept, having a tower defense where you can shoot stuff, and made it incredibly fun to play. You can place your turrets almost anywhere, the shooting feels really good, you have a lot of weapon and turret v...

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