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    Iron Crypticle

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 12, 2017

    A medieval-fantasy dual-joystick action-RPG with four-player co-operative play, combining rogue-lite mechanics with the retro gameplay style of Gauntlet and Smash TV.

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    The Second Throwback Game from Confused Pelican

    After 3 years of the release of Iron Fisticle, the devs from the team Confused Pelican tried another take on a throwback twin stick shooter. Gameplay and style whise is basically the same game, but with 4 player co-op mode, 4 characters to choose from, a couple more itens and differente game modes. In this game, like the first one, you go through 4 floors with a lot of rooms full of enemies, but instead of the map being a square, it's a more linear grid where you just choose the direction to go next, basically de same thing with a different design, but this time you have more rooms and each room with 2 waves of enemies, instead of less rooms with more enemies. You have a few new types of rooms, like swarms, mini bosses and even a room where you play an arcade machine, and go to the platforming mode, which was the bonus stage for the first one.

    The part I didn't understand was why they cut down on the permanent progression, it's almost non existent. And the main game mode it's not endless, instead you have just a "Endless" mode separate where you just stay on the same room and try to survive as long as possible. The game is still really addiciting and fun. I just liked the first one a little better.

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