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    Iron Man 2

    Game » consists of 20 releases. Released May 04, 2010

    A game based on the 2010 film Iron Man 2. Take control of Iron Man and his new partner War Machine to take down evil with flying suits and superior firepower.

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    It was written by Matt Fraction, the author of Invincible Iron Man.

    Taking place after Iron Man 2 (if or if not cannon) the movie, the game begins as a weapons manufacturer called Roxxon purchases all the stock belonging to Hammer Tech, being sold off after the debacle in the movie. Roxxon uses the technology, including Ivan Vanko's assault drones, to attack several Stark Industries facilities, and Tony "Iron Man" Stark and his new partner Jim "War Machine" Rhodes (call him Rhodey) suit up to put an end to Roxxon's sinister plots.

    Iron Man 2 got mostly if not all negative reviews. Some said that it was like a playstation one video game and to do whatever you can to not play this game.

    The theme of the game also was taken for the slot game - Playtech Iron Man 2 slot. It is well-known casino game nowadays.


    The games idea of action is like the first game. Like energy capacity for your Weapons, a force field meter for your life, which if depleted Makes you take Armor damage for which is your "real" life bar. The energy/force-field regenerates tho. The game starts you off in "the stark Archives" which is being attacked, and you have two on-screen weapons, a melee attack and a flight-system. After half of the level is done with Iron Man it takes you to Warmachine for the other half. once the level is complete it gives you a result page giving you a new Armor and credits/currency depending on performance, From which you can or need; to upgrade and Customize your weapons and melee routines. The game is "Cinematic" with lots of cut-scenes starting before during & after Missions. The game (like the first one) is sadly short but replaying Missions for Credits,Armors,etc gives it replay value.

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